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Zip - Jump Now, Pay Later

Want that adrenaline rush now? Wish to gift a skydive for someone's birthday but don't quite have the cash?

Book a skydive or purchase a gift voucher and use Zip Pay to Jump Now, Pay Later.

What can I get with Zip Pay?

You can purchase

  • skydives
  • video packages
  • bundles
  • gift vouchers
  • merchandise

in fact you can purchase anything using Zip Pay. You can even part pay with Zip Pay. Fully flexibile.

How do I set it up?

If you have a Zip Pay account already, simply contact the office on 8272 7888.

If you don't have a Zip Pay account, see below to set one up, then contact the office on 8272 7888.

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My partner and I did Tandem Skydiving and we both had an absolute amazing time!!

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