Michiel "No Grips" De Groote


Ratings: Tandem Instructor, AFF Solo Instructor, Videographer

Jumps: 2200

About Michiel "No Grips" De Groote

Nickname: Mikey No Grips
Position: Tandem Instructor, AFF Solo Instructor, Cameraman
Jump numbers: 2200
Canopy: Katana 107
Started skydiving: 2012
Favourite place jumped: Langhorne Creek
Favourite Discipline: Freefly

Mikey joins us all the way from Belgium, bringing with him a European friendliness, an abundance of skydiving experience and a fear of all things Australian trying to kill you. He'll be the first to offer to take you skydiving, or to offer you a beer at the end of the day. An asset we're stoked to have on board.

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They ALL make you feel so relaxed and go out of their way to make your experience the best it could be, they are so professional, I cannot praise them highly enough.

» Teresa