Matt "Teags" Teager

Aff Solo Instructor / Marketing / Manifest / GCA / Camera

Ratings: AFF Solo Instructor, Videographer

Jumps: 820

About Matt "Teags" Teager

Nickname: Teags
Position: Manager / Solo skydiving Instructor / Manifest / GCA
Jump numbers: 820+
Canopy: Crossfire3 139
Started skydiving: 2014
Favourite place jumped: Fiji
Favourite Discipline: Freefly / Angles / AFF

SA Skydiving Manager, you'll find Teags pretty much everywhere. Teaching students, a friendly face to meet you at Manifest, your GCA (Ground Control Assistant), chasing you through the sky with a camera, fitting you in to your harness, answering your phone calls and trying to get everyone he meets to skydive!

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The views were unforgettable and our instructors Johnny and Bryce were absolutely fantastic and really made the whole experience. Can't wait to do it again!

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