Jon "Norseman" Norman

Instructor & Photographer


About Jon "Norseman" Norman

Jon "Norseman" Norman is SA SKYDIVING's mastermind of all sorts: Wingsuit, displays, demos, international BASE jumper, IT, instructing and Angle-Running Extrodinaire - you name it, Norseman works his magic. Known for his relaxed, easy-go-lucky yet sharpened sense of professionalism, Norseman is a classic character of the skies. Always up for an adventure be it jumping out of planes or going salsa dancing, he is undoubtedly one of our favourites as far as creativity and the element of surprise are concerned. Do not be alarmed if you rock up to the Drop Zone first thing to hear a bit of James Brown, "I FEEL GOOD" or Aretha Franklin, "RESPECT" - this is the doings of the all time master of FUNK and FUN of all types, Jon "Norseman" Norman.

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I was lucky enough to have my first skydive experience with the legends at SA Skydiving. What an eye opener and looking forward to having another crack!

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