Johnny "Windsock" Shepherd

Instructor & Photographer


About Johnny "Windsock" Shepherd

Johnny "Windsock" Shepherd is as dedicated, thoughtful, down to earth and considerate as they come: both in the skies and on the ground. He's an all around ACE of a person who will make you feel at ease the instant you arrive at the drop zone. Windsock is always up for a skydive, good laugh and a BBQ. He's got heart and soul and is a stellar team player. Always up for a skydive of any sort whether it be angles, instructing, tandem or wing suiting - not much bothers Windsock. When he's not flying he's taking pictures, and awesomely enough he can do both. He's got epic freefall photography skills- often times capturing some of the most incredible moments over Langhorne Creek, he was the man who flew camera for the SA Wingsuit Record in 2013.

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