Jed Smith

Instructor & Photographer


Jumps: 2200+

About Jed Smith

Jed Smith had already completed 40+ tandem skydives before he even turned 16 years old. On the day he turned 16, he completed the AFF course and was a licensed solo skydiver, which is the youngest age a solo skydiver can obtain a licence in South Australia. By the age of 17 he had begun working as a professional in freefall photographer and by 18 had achieved his rating as a Tandem Master, making him the youngest tandem master in the country to achieve his rating. Jed is now a qualified Instructor B, allowing him to teach first jump courses and supervise the drop zone. Aside from his exceptional canopy skills, Jed is known for being one of the most enthusiastic instructors around. We often hear how at ease Jed makes people feel in the sky, nothing but smiles and high fives. He enjoys all disciplines of skydiving and does not discriminate any slot in any airplane. You'll see him instructing new students, "flocking" around the sky in a Wingsuit, "running angles", coaching relative jumps, and is always up for a vertical jump whenever the chance presents itself! You may even see him gearing up on European Cliffs ready to BASE jump into the unknown. Always encouraging, optimistic and genuine, nothing is too hard or impossible when you fly with Jed!

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