Janna Fitzpatrick

Manifest / GCA

Ratings: Manifest

Jumps: 430

About Janna Fitzpatrick

Nickname: J Fitz
Role: Manifest / GCA
Jump numbers: 430
Canopy: Crossfire 2 129
Started skydiving: 2013
Favourite place jumped: Kangaroo Island
Favourite Discipline: Relative Work

Janna has been working for SA SKYDIVING for over 4 years. She started skydiving in 2012 and completed her AFF in 2013. Growing up with maple syrup, mountains of snow, fireflies and black bears in upstate New York on the Canadian boarder, she now calls the salt lakes and endless grapevines of Langhorne Creek home. You'll speak to her on the phone, meet her in the office or more preferably, in the plane. Don't hesitate to ask Jay any questions, she's got answers.

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The views were unforgettable and our instructors Johnny and Bryce were absolutely fantastic and really made the whole experience. Can't wait to do it again!

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