Greg Smith

Owner, Chief Instructor

Ratings: Chief Instructor, DZSO, Tandem Master, Jump Master, Pilot

Jumps: 8000+

About Greg Smith

With over 8,000 jumps and almost 40 years in the sport, Greg "MIFF" Smith is one of the most experienced Chief Instructors in Australia. Greg started Skydiving in 1977 after being talked into it at a party with friends. His passion for the sport continues to this day, through promoting and consistent improvement of its safety, in the continual advancement of skydiving equipment that has become the standard for student equipment worldwide, as well as through the establishment of protocols that are adapted by other skydive organisations across Australia. In 1986, Greg in conjunction with Gavin Northsworthy and Kevin Taylor, introduced Tandem Skydiving to South Australia. He is one of the original tandem masters and instructors in South Australia. Greg's passion is obvious. He has dedicated his life to the sport and the people within the sport. Constantly scanning the horizons of possibility, we never know what he will think of next. He is a limitless source of inspiration and knowledge and is always up for a cup of coffee and a good chat. You won't want to pass up this opportunity to get to know one of the original pioneers of the sport - they're few and far between these days.

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All the team was superb...!!! Highly recommended for everyone needing a blast of fresh air!

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