Dale Hooper



Jumps: 750+

About Dale Hooper

"Da Hoopla" is the secret weapon of SA Skydiving. He is the quiet achiever with extreme air skills and unspoken talent. Having travelled overseas for BASE jumping, along with participating in the SA wing suiting record, instructing new students and tutoring those with experience in the disciplines of angles and relative work, Dale is multi-faceted and able to fly with the best of them, he's also got some serious hoola-hooping skills we've come to find out. He's a well-loved sort of guy and a rocket in the sky - we think you'll find it hard-pressed to find anyone who won't give Da Hoopla a high five when they see him around the drop zone.

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The staff were incredible, so friendly and informative. They put us at ease and despite feeling very nervous & scared, we had complete confidence in them.

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