Cullen Habel

Instructor & Photographer


Jumps: 1100+

About Cullen Habel

Cullen loves flat flying and instructing. He is always in the sky teaching tricks of the trade to the new students as well as the advanced and everyone in-between. He has competed in a range of two way and four way formation skydiving competitions and just took up large formation (Bigway) skydiving in June. This is where we use multiple planes to get large numbers of skydivers in the air on the one jump. On his first bigway camp Cullen was competing in 28- way jumps out of two 17 seater aircraft. During the week, Cullen sometimes works in a university. He loves teaching - both in the classroom as well as in the sky. Cullen will be going to Perris, California in May 2015 to participate in the Aussie Bigway record attempt. They will be aiming to complete a formation with 150 skydivers using 7-8 aircraft carrying about 20 skydivers each. We always know when Cullen has arrived to the dropzone when the scent of home made banana bread fills the air, he's also an amazing baker!

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