Bryce Sellick

Instructor, Photographer & Pilot

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Instructor B, Tandem Master, Crew Coach, Flat Fly Coach, Packer B, Display Organiser, Display Pro, Flatfly Crest, Freefly Crest, Flag Jumper, Videographer, Manifest, Pilot

Jumps: 3,000+

About Bryce Sellick

Nickname: Brizzle

What do you do: I love to keep it interesting by doing a little of everything

First Jump: 27.01.2007

Licence: E, Instructor B, DZ Safety Officer

Container: Aerodyne Icon

Canopy: JFX 99 NZ Aerosports

I started skydiving because: I grew up around the Drop zone from age 13, after making friends with the wrong/right people. Back then skydiving was irrelevant, it was more of just a giant adventure park with never a dull moment. Eventually, When we were old enough to jump ourselves (age 14) we (Jed and I) started Tandem Skydiving, around 30-60 tandems later and 2 years (age 16) went solo and haven't looked back since then!

Bryce completed his AFF (solo) course in two days at the age of 16 and is also one of the youngest Tandem Masters in the country! Bryce is now a qualified Instructor B, allowing him to teach first jump courses and supervise the drop zone as a Drop Zone Safety Officer. Bryce is all around fun - witty, hardworking, dedicated, a real team player, professional and always up for a laugh. He puts everyone at ease on the ground and in the sky with his calming, confident and good natured manner.

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I was lucky enough to have my first skydive experience with the legends at SA Skydiving. What an eye opener and looking forward to having another crack!

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