Beau "Flipper" Gora


Ratings: Tandem Master, AFF Solo Instructor, Videographer

Jumps: 2000

About Beau "Flipper" Gora

Nickname: Beauski / Beau-a-nator / Flipper / Mr September
Position: Tandem Instructor, AFF Solo Instructor, Cameraman
Jump numbers: 2000
Canopy: JVX 84
Started skydiving: 2010
Favourite place jumped: Funny Farm
Favourite Discipline: Canopy Piloting / Swooping

Beau is an experienced Tandem and Solo instructor pioneering canopy piloting and swooping in South Australia.

He's passionate about canopy flight and developing performance, attending training camps and competitions around Australia. He is progressing fast, sharing his knowledge with fellow jumpers, we are excited to see how far he can go!

To find Beau on the dropzone, just follow your ears to the sound of the backstreet boys and admire his moves, especially when he takes his shirt off.

When he's not skydiving, he's a valued member of the MFS.

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The staff were incredible, so friendly and informative. They put us at ease and despite feeling very nervous & scared, we had complete confidence in them.

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