Staff and Skydiving Instructors

At SA Skydiving proud ourself on having some of the most experienced, professional and friendly staff and instructors in South Australia. Our team is here to make your skydive experience easy, safe and most importantly, heaps of fun!

When you arrive, you will need to check in at our Dropzone Office (Manifest).

In manifest, you will most likely be greeted by Teags, Mike X, Ellen or Matilda.

You will then be introduced to your Tandem Instructor. This will be Jed, Bryce, Pete, Beau, Johnny, Hendo, Vinnie or Mikey the Belgian.

If you choose a deluxe video pacakge, you'll also meet your personal freefall photographer Jed, Bryce, Teags, Johnny, Hendo, Cullen, Vinnie, Zack, or Bria.

Ever wanted to skydive solo? Get more info or enrol here. We have a large team of Solo Skydiving Instructors. Jed, Bryce, Pete, Teags, Beau, Johnny, Hendo, Vinnie, Mikey the Belgian, Cullen, Zev, Dale, Jon, Rhys, or Bria.

Our pilots: Greg, Bryce and Justin.

Once safe back on the ground, our parachutes are packed by licenced packers. Our head parachute packer is Julian.

Learn more about each of our amazing crew members by selecting their profile below.

Director / Chief Instructor / Senior Pilot

Ground Team

Sky Team

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The views were unforgettable and our instructors Johnny and Bryce were absolutely fantastic and really made the whole experience. Can't wait to do it again!

» Nell