Safety in Skydiving

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

The Skydiving industry is a highly regulated industry and every aspect of our operation has safety as the bottom line.

SA Skydiving is governed by the Australian Parachute Federation and the South Australian Sport Parachute Council . All of our aircraft operations are conducted in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

SA Skydiving has an impeccable safety record of which we are proud and believe is a product of the strong solid history of safety framework development at a grassroots level.

Greg Smith, Chief Instructor for SA Skydiving has been at the forefront of equipment research, design and implementation in Australia. Greg Smith introduced the current market leader student equipment into Australia, advocating for change, undertaking in air research and implementing a training program that produced strong student outcomes. SA Skydiving was the first skydiving operation in the country to utilise the current world renowned, innovative equipment that is now used by a majority of skydiving drop zones. For those that understand parachute equipment Greg Smith introduced twin action and throw away pilot chutes for student equipment into Australia - this has been a monumental change for Australian skydiving and one which students across the country have benefited from, both in safety and in training technique.

Greg Smith is a believer in always searching for a better way, challenging thoughts, patterns and creating new pathways that continually improve and make skydiving the growing, vibrant sport it is today in the safest way possible. Although Greg is committed to challenging outdated methods of training and equipment SA Skydiving has a strong structures, systems and regulations that ensure regularly equipment maintenance, replacement, servicing and adherence to all operational regulations of the Australian Parachute Federation.

Greg Smith has received an Australian Sporting Achievement Award from the Prime Minister for his achievements and contributions to the sport of skydiving. Greg Smith is committed to the development of the sport of skydiving, helping South Australian's achieve on a national and international level, this is evident in some of the achievements on a world stage of some our local skydivers who began with us as first jump students.

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The staff were incredible, so friendly and informative. They put us at ease and despite feeling very nervous & scared, we had complete confidence in them.

» Katanya