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We have an impeccable safety record maintained by

  1. our proactive approach to safety and education
  2. experienced and informed decision making
  3. and using the best equipment out there


Each day of operation has a team of instructors, headed by the Dropzone Safety Officer (DZSO). As a team they continually assess, monitor and observe all elements of the operation and promote proactive decision making to mitigate any risks.


Greg Smith, Chief Instructor for SA Skydiving has been at the forefront of equipment research, design and implementation for many years. Greg Smith introduced twin action and throw away pilot chutes for student equipment into Australia - this has been a monumental change for Australian skydiving and one which students across the country have benefited from, both in safety and in training technique.

Greg Smith has received an Australian Sporting Achievement Award from the Prime Minister for his achievements and contributions to the sport of skydiving. From the moment a new student walks through our doors, it is Greg's belief and passion to foster a culture of education, information sharing and enjoying the best sport in the World as safely as we possibly can.

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They ALL make you feel so relaxed and go out of their way to make your experience the best it could be, they are so professional, I cannot praise them highly enough.

» Teresa