Skydiving Facilities

Watch our dropzone video, showcasing our custom built dropzone and facilities.

SA Skydiving's facilities are housed on a private, 300 acre airfield which was purpose built for skydiving activities. Located in the beautiful Langhorne Creek Wine Region, our dropzone offers visitors the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Adelaide and enjoy the natural beauty of South Australia.

Our dropzone has everything customers and fun jumpers need to enjoy a day of skydiving and relaxing with friends and family. Our facilities include a clubhouse equipped with a comfortable seating area, cafe, bathrooms and shower facilities. Fun jumpers will also find a covered packing area and classroom attached to the club house. Families can relax outside while the kids enjoy the covered playground area.

Learn more about our purpose built skydiving facility by viewing the different profiles of what's on offer below.

  • Classroom


    SA Skydiving provides its own classroom for their students, set up with a projector/smart board, white board and training manuals it is an ideal training room for first jump students. Learn to pack parachutes during our packing courses or attend one of the many coaching events we offer throughout the year.

  • Club House

    Club House

    The SA Skydiving Club House Includes:

    Comfortable seating area Cafe and vending machines Bathrooms and shower facilities Covered packing area for fun jumpers Instructional classroom Full tandem training facilities Manifest and booking office High Definition TVs for viewing your videos after the jump with friends and family

  • Playground


    SA Skydiving is a family owned and operated business. Family is important to us and we encourage our guests to bring their friends and family with them to the dropzone to help celebrate their accomplishment. To keep everyone happy, we've built a playground to keep the little ones busy while waiting to see your loved one land safely.

  • Blue Room Bites Cafe

    Blue Room Bites Cafe

    Grab a coffee, tea or delicious snack at the Blue Room Bites Cafe while you relax and watch parachutes and planes take off and land just out front! Hang out in the bean bags on the grass or at one of the picnic tables outside, sofas and Cafe Tables available indoors with clear viewing areas to the landing area and runways. Located on site at our drop zone for your comfort.

    (Cash Only)

  • Epic Sunrise and Sunsets

    Epic Sunrise and Sunsets

    Come enjoy some of the most amazingly colourful and serene sunrises and sunsets over Langhorne Creek Wine Region, Coorong and Murray River. Enjoy early morning coastal views or relax with a sunset after a day of jumping!

  • Land where you take off

    Land where you take off

    We strive to provide a bigger, better and more amazing experience for not only you but your whole family and all your friends as well. Our facilities allow for you to take off the same place as where you will land so that all your friends and family can watch your entire adventure from beginning to end. Your party can enjoy lounging in the bean bags with a coffee or having a bite to eat at the picnic tables, play some Basketball or on the playground while you climb to height. As soon as you exit the aircraft, everyone will be able to look up and watch you soar around the sky like an eagle before you come in to land directly in front. This is a truly unique experience offered only at SA Skydiving!