Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving


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Looking for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime? Skydive with Adelaide's most experienced!

We offer two types of skydive; Tandem and Solo.


Solo skydiving is the experience of jumping on your own. This is an option for almost anyone, whether you're looking to get your skydiving licence and jump regularly or whether you'd just like to jump on your own once, you can get more information here.


We skydive over 2 locations

Langhorne Creek

Book Langhorne Creek

This is our home dropzone, perfect for groups. Over the last 10 years we have built a full service drozpone with many facilities for your enjoyment.

Check out the 2 minute tour video here

Facilities include the following

  • full service dropzone - arrive, train, take off, skydive and land, all in the one location with family and friends
  • large air-conditioned club room with cafe/kitchen
  • bbq facilities with tables
  • large undercover children's playground
  • basketball ring
  • Foosball
  • boudlering wall (coming soon)
  • licenced, so you can enjoy a beverage on landing

The views:

You'll look out over Lake Alexandrina, the largest freshwater lake in Australia, as well as the Murray Mouth, the beautiful Langhorne Creek Wine Region and the greater Fleurieu peninsula.

We operate Langhorne Creek every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Goolwa - Basham's Beach

South Australia's most stunning skydive. Fly up over the ocean, taking in the breathtaking coastal views, before skydiving and landing on the soft sands of Basham's Beach.

Check out the views and video here

We offer the following

  • beach location and landing
  • 4 heights of skydive, include 15,000ft, Australia's highest skydive
  • whale watching platform and picnic table for family and friends
  • airport transfers in our SA Skydiving bus (we take off at Goolwa Airport)
  • stunning views

How does it all work?

Tandem skydiving

During a tandem skydive, you wear a harness and are connected to your Tandem Instructor. After some very basic safety training on the ground, we gear up and head for the plane. Enjoy the stunning views on your plane ride before preparing to exit.

Choose to upgrade your freefall to include our Skydive Pro option or the Link Up. Learn more about upgrades here.

As we exit the aircraft, make sure you smile for the camera! We accelerate to 220kph and experience the unique ultimate rush that is freefall. After deploying a parachute, we then cruise around the skies for around 5 minutes before coming in to land.

After your jump, enjoy a drink in the licenced clubhouse, share your experience with family and friends and enjoy some goodies in your congratulations pack. Your photos and video will be professionally edited and emailed to you to download. USBs are available on the day ($20, Langhorne Creek Only).

With our highly experienced instructors, top of the line equipment, and spectacular views, SA Skydiving is the #1 choice for tandem skydiving Adelaide.

View our tandem skydiving prices below and book your tandem skydive online today!


See our FAQs here

or call the office on 0412114475

Value Bundles

Get maximum experience and maximum value with our Value Bundles. Available for 9,000ft, 12,000ft and 15,000ft and available at both locations.

Option Bundle Price

Adrenaline Bundle - best value - Bundle Value - $528, Save $104

9,000ft Tandem Skydive

Advanced Video Package (incl photos and video)

Skydive Pro Upgrade (Optional)

SA Skydiving Stubby Holder

Valid Both locations

Book a date or available as a gift voucher


Extreme Bundle - best value - Bundle Value - $643, Save $129

12,000ft Tandem Skydive

Advanced Video Package (incl photos and video)

Skydive Pro Upgrade (Optional)

SA Skydiving Stubby Holder

Valid Both locations

Book a date or available as a gift voucher


Platinum Bundle - best value - Bundle Value - $713, Save $139

15,000ft Tandem Skydive

Advanced Video Package (incl photos and video)

Skydive Pro Upgrade (Optional)

SA Skydiving Stubby Holder

Valid Both locations

Book a date or available as a gift voucher


Group Pricing

**Discounts applicable at Langhorne Creek only, to bookings through SA Skydiving only and are not valid with any other offer, subject to SA Skydiving approval. Please call 08 8272 7888 to book in your group!

Option Discount

Triple Trouble - 3 x 9,000ft Skydives

Book 3 x 9,000ft tandem skydives on the same plane for just $269 per person, saving $90!

Save $90

Group Discounts - We will match any group discount offer

Call 0412114475 to discover our amazing group offers


Snag & A Frothy - Skydive, BBQ & A beer!

Book 6 or more skydives and we will put on complimentary bbq and beverage for every skydiver the group.

* full price skydives or bundles

* soft drink, beer, cider or glass of wine

* Langhorne Creek Only

$299 - $479

Drive me, Jump me, Drink me

Group Tour

Pick up and drop off to single location in SA Skydiving Bus Skydiving! Bremerton Wines - wine tasting (included) Prancing Pony (optional beer tasting paddle not included)

* conditions apply

$299 - $479

Lake Alexandrina (Langhorne Creek) Skydives

Experience the freedom of freefall at our custom full-service Langhorne Creek dropzone. Please note we are able to provide transport to and from Adelaide CBD if required, please call our office to enquire (08) 8272 7888.

Option Cost

9,000ft Tandem Skydive - 25 seconds of freefall

Retail $479

Online special - $299

Midweek (Mon - Fri) - $269

Online Special - $299

12,000ft Tandem Skydive - 45 seconds of free fall

Retail $626

Online Special - $409

Midweek (Mon - Fri) - $349

Online Special - $409

15,000ft Tandem Skydive - 70 seconds of freefall

Retail $719

Online Special $479

Online Special - $479

Basham Beach (Goolwa) Tandem Skydives

Fill your veins with adrenaline, freefalling above the stunning south coast, before enjoying a canopy ride, then landing on the sands of Basham Beach.

Beach landings are weather dependent.

Beach Landings 0700 - 1030 arrivals. 1200 Midday arrivals and later are aerodrome landings.

Option Price

Goolwa 9,000ft Tandem Skydive - 25 second freefall, land on Basham Beach

Retail $479

Online special - $299

Goolwa 12,000ft Tandem Skydive - 45 second freefall, land on Basham Beach

Retail - $626

Online special - $409

Goolwa 15,000ft Tandem Skydive - 70 second freefall, land on Basham Beach

Retail - $719

Online Special - $479

Professional Photos and Videos

Get proof of how awesome you are and share your skydiving experience with everyone!

Tag us using @saskydiving and #saskydiving and go in the running to win a free skydive!

Watch this demo VIDEO to see what the options look like

Option Cost

Base Video or Photo Package - Choose from Photos or Video

High Quality Photos or High Quality Video professionally edited.


Advanced Video Package - Our Most Popular Package

Enjoy your video covering all aspects of your skydive experience as well as high quality photos.


Outside Video and Stills - Get a Different Perspective

This outside perspective gets the real money shot, with photos and video all included from GoPro and high-quality SLR cameras, mounted on dedicated camera helmets.

Limited Time Special - $149

Deluxe Video Package - Capture Every Angle

The Advanced Media Package


Your own personal videographer, capturing video and photos while flying around you.


Extras! Go next level!

Take your skydive to the next level with these optional upgrades!

Option Price

Skydive Pro

Handle adrenaline well and want that next level?

Receive more in-depth training, wear an altimeter, deploy your own parachute and pilot your own canopy flight.


The Link Up

Get a taste for formation skydiving when one of our sports skydivers chases you out and links up to form a formation in the sky.

Note: two tandem passengers linking up is unfortunately not possible due to regulation.


SA Skydiving Merchandise

Don't forget to check out the sweet swag that SA Skydiving has for you at the dropzone to take home with you after your skydive!

Option Cost

SA Skydiving Tees - Men's or Women's


SA Skydiving Stubby Coolers - SA Skydiving Stubby Coolers


SA Skydiving Hoodies - Super warm and comfy for this Winter Season


SA Skydiving Leather Gloves - Perfect for skydiving, bike riding, gardening and more!


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The views were unforgettable and our instructors Johnny and Bryce were absolutely fantastic and really made the whole experience. Can't wait to do it again!

» Nell