SA Skydiving Open Normanville Beach

SA Skydiving Open Normanville Beach

Published: August 1, 2022

Skydive Normanville Opens

Adelaidian's and visitors to South Australia can now enjoy the stunning views over the southern coast over Normanville with SA Skydiving opening a new beach skydiving location.

In Collaboration with Yankalilla Council, and local businesses SA Skydiving have been welcomed to the region.

Skydivers will meet the team in Normanville at the Normanville Kiosk and Cafe, where they can enjoy discounted coffee.

Skydivers enjoy views of Aldinga, Normanville, Carrickalinga, Second Valley, as well as seeing right across to Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. A truley magnificent place to skydive.

During the opening weekend we introduced 18 skydivers to the skies over Normanville, all enjoying stunnning views and soft landings on the beach.


The next date is planned for Saturday 27th August.

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Check out the photos from our opening weekend here

The Experience

Now, imagine yourself in this experience!

Arriving in Normanville, you meet our team by the Jetty kiosk / cafe. You are met with the excited friendly faces of your instructors, who ask you if you've jumped before, what it is you're celebrating and how you're feeling. As you climb into the courtesy SA Skydiving Van, en route to the airport, you feel the first rush of adrenaline - it's getting real! You're shown a short training video and receive a personal brief from your instructor. You ask them how many times they've jumped and when they tell you they've done thousands of skydives, you feel more at ease and feel the excitement building.

Skydiving has been on your bucket list for years and once at the airfield, as you gear into a harness, you glance at your best friend, who's looking just as excited as you feel! Once kitted up, you're escorted across the tarmac to the aircraft for take off. You enjoy the views of McLaren Vale and the Coastline on your way up to your exit height. You hear the pilot inform the team it's 5 minutes til drop. You connect up with your instructor, feeling the harness tighten securely. You high five everyone in the plane and as the door open, you feel a rush of air on your skin and your hair starts blowing freely in the wind. You move to the edge, dangle your legs under the plane and the reality of what you're doing hits you like a freight train. You feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins, you take a deep breath, smile for the camera, then ready, set, GO. You scream as you find yourself in the sky, accelerating to 220kph, your instructor gives you the signal and you release your harness and free your arms out into the wind. This is pure freedom.

You take in the impressive coastline, the expanser of the southern peninsula, the turquoise ocean and then give a big thumbs up to the camera. You've never felt anything like it, the absolute rush and freedom of freefall. About a minute later, you feel the parachute start to open above your head, everything slows down and you let out a big WooHoo - you just jumped out of a plane! Your instructor congratulates you, then gives you control of the parachute. You're now flying a parachute over the coast! You can see your friends and family waiting for you on the beach at Carrickalinga Sands. As you get lower, you're cruising over the water, you wave to your loved ones before coming in to land softly on the sand. Your first instinct - let's go do that again!

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I have two tandem jumps with SA Skydiving when they were in Mt Gambier. OMG it changed my life. I thought "isn't it great to be alive!" Since that day I don't fear anything anymore.

» Jill L