5 reasons why you should skydive in winter!

Published: June 28, 2021

Q: So Teags, I'm sure most people link skydiving with summer - why is skydiving in Winter just as good?

A: You're spot on, most people do link skydiving with the warmer months, naturally, it's our busiest period!

However here are 5 reasons why skydiving in Winter can be incredible!

1. Best Weather Conditions!

Yes, it can be fresh, but generally, we'll get our most favourable conditions for flying parachutes in winter.

Parachutes like cool, stable air. You can expect nice smooth plane rides and more importantly, nice smooth parachute flights with cool, stable air in winter. Less risk of turbulence during your canopy flight and helps ensure a nice smooth landing!

Generally, we get the nicest wind conditions in Autumn and Winter.

2. The views!

Cool air is also clearer air! In winter you can see for miles! Jumping over Basham Beach you're more likely have crystal clear long distance views of the south coast, Coorong, Murray Mouth and Kangaroo Island. Jumping over Langhorne Creek you'll see Lake Alexandrina, Lake Albert, the Murray River, The Bend Motorsport Park and the Coorong National Park.

It's also peak whale season, so you have boosted chances of seeing dolphins and whales over Basham Beach.

3. There are great deals!

Yes, of course, everyone loves a bargain.

We run specials during winter, our current special as this is published is just $229 per person - you can find it here.

We also have a rewards program, the Jump Club, where we reward return jumpers with a free skydive on their birthday! Get your first skydive done in Winter, then return during your birthday month with some friends!

More on our birthday deal here

4. Best time to host a group!

Our Langhorne Creek dropzone is the perfect hosting dropzone. Get the full dropzone experience by

- enjoying some food or barista coffee from our new cafe

- choosing from a wide range of beverages from the new bar

- indoor and outdoor fire places

- onsite accommodation. You can book direct through AirBnB - http://bit.ly/sasdairbnb

5. Rock our latest Merch!

Need an extra layer? No problems, kit yourself out in our latest Hoody and you'll be toasty warm on your skydive! Grab one to jump in and get it for just $65!

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