Jump Pilot Authorisation JPA

Jump Pilot Authorisation  JPA

SA Skydiving delivers a JPA course, enabling pilots to attain their Jump Pilots Authorisation issued by the Australian Parachute Federation and work in the skydiving industry.


Dates must be confirmed with your examiner before booking.

About The Course

Ground based training is generally a one day affair of 7 hours in the classroom accompanied by basic aircraft handling and check flight.

By completion of the course pilots can expect 3 hours of flying experience ($1650 value).

We provide pilots the opportunity of hour building by either sitting in on jump operations or hiring the aircraft

  • ICUS time - 55% discount - $250/hr
  • plane hire - Cessna 206 @ $550/hr

Your examiner - Greg Smith - over 22 years experience

Greg Smith is SA Skydiving's Senior Pilot and Chief Instructor, with over 22 years flying experience and 3,000 hours of technical jump pilot flying. He has flown all around the country and with over 30 years of experience in the skydiving industry. Not only will he empart knowledge about the technical and pracitical side of jump flying, but also key knowledge in the skydiving industry.

Greg is a key player in the skydiving industry with connections all over Australia and surrounding regions such as New Zealand and Fiji.

The course opens up the skydiving industry for up and coming pilots or those seeking a career change, or extra weekend work.

JPA course entry requirements

As per the APF Operational Regulation 5.1.2 pilots must hold:

  • A valid Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) or;
  • A valid private pilot licence (PPL) and have 200 hours total aeronautical experience, of which at 100 hours must be as pilot in command; or
  • (c) An APF Certificate Class D and a valid private pilot licence and have 120 hours total aeronautical experience of which 70 hours must be as pilot in command;
  • And must have:
  • 10 hours experience on the particular aircraft type or an aircraft type of similar performance, weight and operational complexity.

The course may lead to future employment opportunities with SA Skydiving or with our skydiving industry partners around Australia.

Course fee: $2250 inc GST

Contact Greg: 0418845900


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I was lucky enough to have my first skydive experience with the legends at SA Skydiving. What an eye opener and looking forward to having another crack!

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