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Have Questions about your Upcoming Skydive?

As South Australia's longest established tandem skydiving operation, we've been answering questions about skydiving for many years!

We understand that you're likely to have a lot of questions prior to your skydive. We want you to feel confident and prepared before you arrive at the dropzone, so we've compiled answers to our guests' most frequently asked questions about skydiving Adelaide here on our FAQ page.

We encourage you to have a look through the FAQs below prior to your jump with us, and feel free to contact us should you have any additional questions - we'd be happy to speak with you!

We're looking forward to sharing the skies with you very soon!

General Questions

Is skydiving safe?

Skydiving is a dangerous sport. All skydives are partaken at jumpers own risk.


Does weather play a role in skydiving?

Yes. All Skydives are subject to weather conditions and at the discretion of the Drop Zone Safety Officer.


What are the qualifications of the instructors?

Our instructors are professionally certified and have to endure highly regulated training programs before they are rated and endorsed as a professional tandem instructor. Any of our staff at SA SKYDIVING have anywhere between 800 - 8,000 skydives under their belts and have passed highly regulated exams and training put forth by our governing body, The Australian Parachute Federation.


Booking Questions

Is a deposit or payment required to schedule a skydive?

Yes, all bookings require a $150.00 non-refundable deposit per person.


Do we lose our deposit if we are unable to jump on the scheduled day?

All deposits and skydives paid in full are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another time within 12 months.


How much notice is required to reschedule our reservation?

Planes, pilots, instructors and ground staff are organised for your skydive. As a result, cancelling or rescheduling your skydive less than 48 hours in advance will incur a re-booking fee of $50 and less than 24 hours, a $150 re-booking fee.


If my skydive needs to be rescheduled due to weather, what are our options?

If your jump is unable to be completed on the scheduled date due to weather or any other reason then it will be rebooked to a new date but not refunded.


What is your policy on gift vouchers?

If you have a gift voucher, you must use it by the expiry date. Extentions of an expired gift voucher will incur a cost of $25 per month. Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Vouchers can be refunded within 14 days after which time they may be transferred to another person.


Who is the coolest Tandem Master?

Jedediah Smith


First Jump Questions

Is there a weight restriction in order to make a skydive?

Yes, the maximum weight is 110kg with conditions. All jumpers over 90kg subject to Tandem Instructor assessment and surcharge.


What are the weight surcharges?

Surcharges from 90 Kg to 95 Kg = $25, From 95 Kg to 100 Kg = $45, over 100 Kg = $70.


What if we are unable to jump from the height purchased?

If the booked height for your skydive cannot be reached on the day due to weather conditions, air traffic congestion or other circumstances, a refund for the difference in height to be given.


Are there any age restrictions in order to skydive?
  • Minimum recommended age for tandem skydiving is 12 years (16 years for AFF solo jumps) all skydivers under 18 years require parent/guardian consent.
  • The maximum age is as old as you dare subject to our health restrictions. You do not need a doctor's certificate to skydive however if you are over 60 years of age and depending on your health we may request a medical certificate.


What time should I arrive?

All bookings are given an arrival time, please note this is not your jump time.


How long will we be at the skydiving center?

We advise you to arrive with no time constraints as jump times can be effected by weather conditions or air traffic control constraints.


Do cameras or videos ever malfunction during a skydive?

While every effort will be made to ensure optimum video/photographic quality, the service is always subject to occasional mechanical failure as well as adverse conditions (eg overcast, AM/PM, etc.). We will negotiate partial refunds for the rare occurrence of video/photographic equipment faults. On most occassions the dvd will be ready for you to take home on the day, how ever if you do not have time to wait after your skydive or if there are any technical difficulties then the dvd will be posted out. Please note that if there is a malfunction with your video your jump itself will NOT be refunded.


How physically fit must you be to skydive?

Skydiving is surprisingly not a physically strenuous activity for the tandem passenger as most of the work is done by your instructor and gravity. You do need to be able to lift your legs at the waist 90 degrees for landings and have minimal flexibility while in the aircraft. If you have previous injuries or medical conditions you feel may prohibit your movement, please contact us and we will make an assessment.

Please ensure that if you are uncertain about your physical fitness or medical health that you do get a Doctor's Certificate prior to skydiving.


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