Plan Your Tandem Skydive

Plan Your Tandem Skydive

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You've dreamt of skydiving for a long time and now you're finally ready to take the leap! So let's get started planning your big day!

We've made planning your upcoming tandem skydive with SA Skydiving near Adelaide quick and easy. Use the menu options to view prices, get directions, check out the weather, explore local restaurants, and find exciting things to do in Langhorne Creek.

Also note we are able to provide transport to and from Adelaide CBD if required, please call our office to enquire about booking (08) 8272 7888.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions, and don't forget to visit our Skydiving FAQs page to find all the info you need to get ready for your skydiving Adelaide adventure!

Important Information

In order to ensure you have a the best experience possible, please read through the following information prior to your skydive.

  • Weather: call us just before you leave for the Drop Zone on the day of your jump. Please phone 0412 11 44 75 if there is no answer after several attempts, please call 0418 845 900. You are calling to check that the weather at the airfield is suitable for your jump. Weather in Adelaide is not always indicative of the weather at the airfield, so please be sure to call.
  • Scheduling: allow time for your Skydive. Due to the nature of skydiving (weather, aircraft movements, instruction, etc.) we ask that you allow half a day for your jump (approx 4 hours). We will do everthing possible to stick to the timetable.
  • Clothing: wear something warm and comfortable but not too bulky. Please wear running or flat sole shoes. Please do not wear boots. You may want to wear gloves in winter and the cooler months.
  • Payment: if paying on the day, we would appreciate cash, EFTPOS, or money order- credit card facilities are also available.

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