Fly Girls 2022

Fly Girls 2022

Fly Girls is BACK!

Ladies, this is your chance to learn to skydive and join an amazing, supportive community of female skydives in SA.

Got questions? Fantastic - give us a call or a text on 0412114475 and ask away!



Fly Girls is an event, sponsored by SA Skydiving, promoting the introduction of ladies into the world of skydiving. Hosted and facilitated by our experienced female skydivers, we aim to provide a supportive and informative pathway into this amazing sport.

How does it work?

Friday February 4th

9am - Langhone Creek Dropzone, 151 Skeldon Road

We start with a meet and greet with some of our most experienced female skydivers, followed by a tour of the dropzone.

930am - Ground School

We learn all the basics of skydiving, breaking it all into small parts

- How does the gear work?

- Body positions and theory of flight

- Deployments

- Exits

- Flying your parachute

- Landing your parachute

- Safety and Emergencies

If time and weather and your capacity allow, we then have the opportunity for an introduction stage 1 tandem skydive on Friday evening.

We then let everything sink in and celebrate our successes with a glass of champagne and some snacks, while watching the sunset and chatting to other skydivers.

You're then invited to continue on to your next stage skydives on Saturday and Sunday. If you'd like to stay for the weekend, there are accommodation options on the dropzone, included free of charge as part of Fly Girls 2022.

What's included in the price?

- One Day Ground school

- Stage 1 introduction skydive (tandem or solo)

- Champagne Meet & Greet

Usual Cost for Ground School & Stage 1: $585pp

SA Skydiving sponsored: $150pp

Flygirls Special: $435pp


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An amazing experience. Absolutely indescribable. SA Skydiving made the whole experience so much fun. Friendly staff and super professional.

» Justin Ward