B-Rel Program

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

The next step after receiving your A Certificate is the B-Rel Program. The B-Rel program allows you to fine tune your air skills and prepares you for having fun in the sky with other qualified skydivers.

You will receive comprehensive one on one coaching with a specially qualified instructor. At the conclusion of the 6-stage program, you will be eligible for your APF 'B' Certificate (a few other conditions apply) and ready to explore the many exciting activities available to more experienced skydivers such as flying ANGLES, FREEFLY, WINGSUITING, CAMERAFLYING, competition REL FLYING and more!

APF B-Rel Buddy Program

This program has been developed by the APF after consultation with DZ operators, instructors and B-Rel candidates. The program is intended to support novice skydivers and to aid them in identifying coaches that are available in their area. B - Rel Buddies provide their skills to you for the cost of their slot only and will become your greatest mentor now and in to the future through out your skydiving experiences. B-Rel candidates are invited to go to the Register of Coaches to seek the right mentor for their current skydiving objectives. The APF advises that any person wishing to utilise the services of any coach or instructor found on the APF register of coaches, should apply their own due diligence before selecting a coach.

Stage One & Two Incentive and B - Rel Jump Bonus

One of the biggest hurdles to a skydiver in the early months, is the cost! Thanks to the APF, there are now B-REL incentives in place to help you get through your B-REL training!

To support your early progression in skydiving, the APF, together with participating DZs, offer up to a $90 reimbursement after completing Stage One and Two of your B-Rels. Then, once you complete the table, you can apply for a further $100 Jump bonus. (The Stage one and Two Incentive is only available to applicants that complete stages one and two on or after the 20th February, 2015. The Bonus is only available to applicants that completed their B - Rel stages on or after September 31, 2013). You can apply here for stage one and two and B - Rel Jump Bonus. The credit you receive will be logged to your name at the DZ you chose to allocate it to (Please note: the incentives/rebates can only be transferred to the DZ where you completed the majority of your B-Rels). Once you have a confirmation number, simply take that number to the participating DZ to collect the value of up to $190 worth of Jump tickets (each DZ has a differing price structure and the $190 credit may equate to differing quantities of jump tickets). The incentives are only available for the future purchase of jump tickets.

*To claim the New South Wales Parachute Council $50 B-Rel Jump Bonus, you must be registered with the APF through a NSW club and have completed the majority of your B-Rel stages at a NSW Drop Zone. The APF Jump Bonus and the NSWPC Jump Bonus can only be allocated to the DZ where you completed the majority of your B-Rel Stages.

*To claim the SQPC certificate B rebate, you must apply on line and meet their specific criteria. Other councils may also offer a rebate after completing your B-Rel stages or obtaining your certificate B. Contact your state council to see if you qualify.

Participating DZs Include:

Australian Skydive - Bridgewater, Victoria www.australianskydive.com.au
Commando Skydivers www.commandoskydivers.com.au
Skydive Nagambie www.skydivenagambie.com
Darwin Parachute Club www.skydiveterritory.com.au
SQ Parachute Council http://www.sqpc.org.au/
Skydive Caboolture, Qld www.skydivecaboolture.com
Skydive Hervey Bay www.skydiveherveybay.com.au
Ramblers - Toogoolawah, Qld www.ramblers.com.au
Skydive Townsville - NQ www.skydivetownsville.com
Tandem Cairns - (Sydney Skydivers) www.sydneyskydivers.com.au
Skydive Jurien Bay - WA www.skydivejurienbay.com
Skydive the Beach and Beyond - York, WA www.skydive.com.au
NSW Parachute Council www.nswpc.org.au
Adrenalin Skydive Goulburn www.askydive.com.au
Skydive Byron Bay www.skydivebyronbay.com
SkydiveOZ - Moruya, NSW http://www.skydiveoz.com/
Skydive Maitland - NSW www.skydivemaitland.com.au
Sydney Skydivers- Sydney www.sydneyskydivers.com.au
Coffs City Skydivers - NSW coffsskydivers.com.au
Newcastle Sports Parachute Club - NSW www.skydivenewcastle.com
Adelaide Tandem Skydiving - SA www.adelaideskydiving.com.au
SA Skydiving - Langhorne Creek www.saskydiving.com.au
South Australian Sports Parachuting Club - SA www.saspc.asn.au
WA Skydiving Academy www.waskydiving.com.au

B-Rel Pricing

Your Skydive Includes a personal B-rel Tutor to breif and video de-brief your skydive. Optional gear hire is available.

Option Cost



Gear Hire - Optional

All gear available for hire is the lastest technology from Sunpath's, Javalin Odyssey range. Parachutes range from 240 square feet to 209 square feet.

Includes pack job (by licensed packer B), Altimeter, Helmet and Goggles.

$39 Per Jump

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The staff were incredible, so friendly and informative. They put us at ease and despite feeling very nervous & scared, we had complete confidence in them.

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