B-Rel Program

Coaching - Take Your Skills to the Next Level

The next step after completing your AFF solo course is to practice your skills using our "Solo progression guide" and to get more coaching.

You'll get SO much more value and progression when you seek coaching. Trying to learn new skills on solos can be frustrating, lacks instruction and feedback and is very easy to pick up bad habits.

B-Rel Program

The first step of coaching is The B-Rel program. AFF is all about learning how to safely skydive on your own. the B-Rel Program teaches you how to safely skydive with friends.

You will receive comprehensive one on one coaching with a specially qualified instructor. At the conclusion of the 6-stage program, you will be eligible for your APF 'B' Certificate (a few other conditions apply) and ready to explore the many exciting activities available to more experienced skydivers such as flying ANGLES, FREEFLY, WINGSUITING, CAMERAFLYING, competition REL FLYING and more!

SASPC B-Rel Subsidy!

The South Australian Sports Parachute Club (SASPC) offre a B-Rel subsidy, rebating you cash for each sucessful B-Rel you complete.

You must be a member before you start your B-Rels. You can join at www.saspc.asn.au.

Flat & Rel Flying

Get quality coaching to improve your flatflying skills. Work towards your starcrest, allowing you to jump with more than 10 people at a time or work towards your first skydiving competition. Competitions are super easy to get into and any skill level can get involved!


So you like speed? Learn to track safely and powerfully - progressing into angle flying!


Freeflying is skydiving through any axis. Flat - Vertical - Angles - Tracking and any combination thereof. With increased speeds and risks - Freefly coaching is both super important and valuable.


Yes we can teach you how to Wingsuit. 200 Jumps and your D licence opens up the world of Wingsuiting. Lock in one of our Wingsuit coaches and this course will have you cruising the skies in no time.

Coach Jumps

Get quality coaching to hone your skills.

BREL / Flat / Freefly / Canopy / Starcrest / Wingsuit

Includes briefing, coached skydive, video debrief

Option Cost



Gear Hire - Optional

All gear available for hire is the lastest technology from Sunpath's, Javalin Odyssey range. Parachutes include the following sizes, 240, 220, 209, 190.

Includes pack job (by licensed packer B), Altimeter, Helmet and Goggles.

$45 Per Jump

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A primo adrenaline rush, facilitated by upbeat and encouraging staff, all in a truly breathtaking location.

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