Apply for your A licence

So you're ready to apply for your A licence?

Have you...

  • completed your AFF solo course
  • achieved 10 signed accuracies within 30 meters of a target
  • completed this online exam


Next steps:

1. Contact Teags on 0412114475 to have the exam responses emailed back to you and anything you got wrong explained.

2. Take a photo of your applicable accuracies and text them to Miff - 0418845900

3. Click this link and apply online for your A licence

4. Ring that bell, put on a carton, come and skydive with your mates!

Your A license allows you to:

  • exit the plane without the immediate supervision of an instructor
  • jump in up to 20 knots of wind (under DZSO approval)
  • skydive around the world, as this license is internationally recognised

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