Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Solo Skydiving Course

AFF Solo Skydiving Course

Thanks for your interest in SA Skydiving's AFF Solo Skydiving Course. We are South Australia's longest running drop zone with over 30 years experience.

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Brand new 2019 course format

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THE WEEKEND COURSE - What's involved?


  • Part 1
    • Once you've booked a course, we will send you learning materials
    • Read through these in your own time and comfort of your own home
    • Complete an online quiz
  • Part 2
    • Wednesday Night
    • 6pm
    • Consolidating Ground Training knowledge
    • Havelock Hotel, Hutt St, Adelaide
  • Part 3
    • Saturday morning
    • 8am
    • Complete Practical Ground Training
    • SA Skydiving Langhorne Creek Dropzone, 151 Skeldon Road, Wellington
  • Part 4
    • Skydiving!
    • Free accommodation is provided on the dropzone, you're welcome to stay over the weekend to maximise your skydiving time. Bookings essential


The AFF solo course consists of 9 jumps (stages). After these 9 jumps, we have equipped you with the knowledge and the skills to be a safe solo skydiver. You can then work towards attaining your A licence.

  • Stage 1 to Stage 3
    • two instructors
    • learning skills such as
      • exiting
      • flying a stable body position
      • turns
      • deploying and flying your parachute.
    • 10,000ft skydives
  • Stage 4 to Stage 8
    • one instructor (when approved)
    • developing further skills
      • 360* turns
      • forward and backward movement
      • getting unstable and stable again
      • tracking (moving through the sky)
    • 12,000ft skydives
  • Stage 9 is your graduation jump, solo from 5,000ft!

You do not have to complete all the jumps in one weekend. The course is designed to be flexible. The ground training and stage 1 is required at the given times, however jumping can be done at your convenience. Just call 0412114475 and book in.


  • $2820
  • $2520 when paid in full


A video showing the freefall stages can be seen here

Accelerated Free Fall

All costs include your skydive, as well as gear hire & pack, instructors, APF membership, your first logbook as well as professional briefing and video debriefing by your qualified instructors - everything you need to learn to skydive!

Option Price

AFF Solo Skydiving Course - 9 Skydives

Save $300 when you join a course and pay in full.


AFF Stage 1 and 2 - First Two Stages

Save $50 when you pay for Stage 1 and 2 together!


AFF Stage 1 (pay as you go) - Two Jump Masters

Your introduction to solo skydiving. Can be completed solo or as a Tandem. Stage 1 includes your Ground Training, learning resources, briefing, skydive, equipment and debriefing.


AFF Stages 2-4 - Two Jump Masters

Skill development on body position, height awareness and turns.

Includes briefing, skydive, debriefing with video and top of the range equipment.


AFF Stages 4-8 - One Jump Master

Skill development on turns, forward movement, stability recovery, tracking and canopy control.

Includes briefing, skydive, debriefing with video and top of the range equipment.


Stage 9 - Graduating Skydive

Your final graduating skydive. Jump from 5,000ft and guide your parachute to the ground, successfully completing our AFF Solo Skydiving Course!! Congratulations!


A Licence Package - Designed to put you on your path to your A licence

Includes your AFF solo course and everything else to set you up for your A licence

Get more info here

$3220 (Save $438)

B Licence Package - Learn to skydive in groups and formations

This package includes your BREL learning table, which you must complete to achieve your B licence. Bundle in some bulk jump tickets, a few coached skydives, sports log book, accommodation, SA Skydiving gloves and a packing lesson.

$3717 (save $708)

C Licence Package - Open up the world of skydiving

Bulk jump tickets, coached jumps with video debrief and a skydiving tee as well as cafe and accommodation credit are all included.

$2488 (Save $555)

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