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AFF Solo Skydiving Course

Thanks for your interest in SA Skydiving's AFF Solo Skydiving Course. We are South Australia's longest running drop zone with over 30 years experience.

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  • Part 1
    • Once you've booked a course, we will send you learning materials
    • Read through these in your own time and comfort of your own home
    • Complete an online quiz
  • Part 2
    • Wednesday Night
    • 6pm
    • Consolidating Ground Training knowledge
    • Havelock Hotel, Hutt St, Adelaide
  • Part 3
    • Saturday morning
    • 8am
    • Complete Practical Ground Training
    • SA Skydiving Langhorne Creek Dropzone, 151 Skeldon Road, Wellington
  • Part 4
    • Skydiving!
    • Free accommodation is provided on the dropzone, you're welcome to stay over the weekend to maximise your skydiving time. Bookings essential


The AFF solo course consists of 9 jumps (stages). After these 9 jumps, we have equipped you with the knowledge and the skills to be a safe solo skydiver. You can then work towards attaining your A licence.

  • Stage 1 to Stage 3
    • two instructors
    • learning skills such as
      • exiting
      • flying a stable body position
      • turns
      • deploying and flying your parachute.
    • 10,000ft skydives
  • Stage 4 to Stage 8
    • one instructor (when approved)
    • developing further skills
      • 360* turns
      • forward and backward movement
      • getting unstable and stable again
      • tracking (moving through the sky)
    • 12,000ft skydives
  • Stage 9 is your graduation jump, solo from 5,000ft!

You do not have to complete all the jumps in one weekend. The course is designed to be flexible.

The ground training and stage 1 is required at the given times, however jumping can be done at your convenience. Just call 0412114475 and book in.


A video showing the freefall stages can be seen here

Why choose SA Skydiving?

SA Skydiving will help you achieve your dreams and goals, whether that be one solo jump, starting a new hobby, or working towards goals such as a career in skydiving or other disciplines such as wingsuiting and base jumping.

We offer:

  • professional, experienced instructors
  • dedicated training facilities
  • limited class sizes
  • accommodation
  • top of the range equipment
    • Javelin student rigs
    • altimeters
    • radio helmets
    • jump suits
  • jumps from 12,000ft
  • video debriefing
  • access to a large fun jumping community
  • 7 days a week of operation with 2 aircraft
  • 2 accessible formats including 5 day camps
  • progression pathways including career opportunities
  • pathways to winsuiting and base jumping

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