Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Solo Skydiving Course

AFF Solo Skydiving Course

Thanks for your interest in SA Skydiving's AFF Solo Skydiving Course. We are South Australia's longest running drop zone with over 30 years experience.

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How does the course work?

The AFF solo course consists of 9 jumps or stages. After these 9 jumps, we have equipped you with the knowledge and the skills to be a safe solo skydiver. You'll then work towards attaining your A licence.

  • Stage 1 to Stage 4,
    • two instructors, learning base skills such as exiting, getting stable, body position, and deploying and flying your parachute.
  • Stage 5 to Stage 8,
    • 1 instructor (when approved), learning turns, forward and backward movement, getting unstable and stable again and tracking (moving through the sky).
  • Stage 9 is your graduation jump, solo from 5,000ft!


A video showing the freefall stages can be seen here

We deliver the course in two formats.

AFF Camp

  • Delivered over 5 days
  • Theory course Tuesday night
  • Ground Training Wednesday morning
  • Jumping Wednesday - Sunday
  • Allows for the best learning environment with dedicated instructors
  • Allows students to consolidate learning, increasing safety and skill development
  • Students are part of a "class", making friends and building a support network
  • Stay on-site in our accommodation options (included in the price)
  • Experience the dropzone facilities and family-like culture
  • Ability to complete the course, however if you don't, just continue from wherever you get to
  • Value for money
  • $2520

AFF Weekend Course

  • Theory course Thursday night
  • Ground Training Friday Morning
  • Jumping Friday - Sunday
  • Stay on-site in our accommodation options (included in the price)
  • Completed stage by stage
  • $2820
  • $2520 if paid up front in full

Sounds good but you want more?

A Licence Package

Looking to fast track your skydiving journey and get amazing value for money?

Our A licence package is designed to put you on your path to your A licence and is our most popular option

It includes

  • the AFF course theory and ground training (in either format)
  • 9 skydives - AFF stages - to 12,000ft
  • top of the range equipment
  • all stages videod and debriefed
  • membership to the Australian Parachute Federation (APF)
  • your new pair of student goggles
  • 6 x extra jump tickets to 12,000ft
  • 6 x full gear hires
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • SA Skydiving student log book
  • SA Skydiving USB
  • A licence exam
  • A licence application

Value = $3658

Package = $3220

To attain your A licence you must

  • complete the AFF course
  • land 10 unassisted landings within 30 meters of a target
  • pass an A licence exam
  • have the approval and signature of the Chief Instructor

Your A licence allows you to:

  • exit the plane without the immediate supervision of an instructor
  • jump in up to 20 knots of wind (under DZSO approval)
  • skydive around the world, as this licence is internationally recognised

See our calendar of events for dates of courses

AFF CAMPS (5 day intensive camp)

December 4th - 9th, 2018


October, 4th 2018

November, 1st 2018

Accelerated Free Fall

All costs include your skydive up to 12,000ft, as well as gear hire & pack, instructors, APF membership, your first logbook as well as professional briefing and video debriefing by your qualified instructors - everything you need to learn to skydive!

Option Price

AFF Camp Or AFF Starter - 9 Skydives over 5 days or 3 days + subsequent days based on your availability

Save $300 when you sign up for the AFF Camp or AFF Starter courses and pay in full.


AFF Stage 1 and 2 - First Two Stages

Save $50 when you pay for Stage 1 and 2 together!


AFF Stage 1 (pay as you go) - Two Jump Masters

Instructed jumps from 12,000ft including video, logbook and top of the range gear.


AFF Stages 2-4 - Two Jump Masters

Instructed jumps from 12,000ft including video, logbook and top of the range gear.


AFF Stages 4-8 - One Jump Master

Instructed jumps from 12,000ft including video, logbook and top of the range gear.


Stage 9 - Graduating Skydive

Your final graduating skydive. Jump from 5,000ft and guide your parachute to the ground, successfully completing the Accelerated Freefall Course!! Yahoo!


A Licence Package - Designed to put you on your path to your A licence

Includes your AFF course and everything else to set you up for your A licence

$3220 (Save $438)

B Licence Package - Learn to skydive in groups and formations

This package includes your BREL learning table, which you must complete to achieve your B licence. Bundle in some bulk jump tickets, a few coached skydives, sports log book, accommodation, SA Skydiving gloves and a packing lesson.

$3717 (save $708)

C Licence Package - Open up the world of skydiving

Bulk jump tickets, coached jumps with video debrief and a skydiving tee as well as cafe and accommodation credit are all included.

$2488 (Save $555)

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