Experienced Skydivers

Experienced Skydivers

Welcome to SA Skydiving!

From Freeflying to Wingsuiting to Angle Flying to BASE jumping - whatever your discipline, SA Skydiving happily welcomes all experienced skydivers to our Langhorne Creek dropzone.

Sport jumpers will find a welcoming community and comfortable, modern facilities at SA Skydiving including an air conditioned/heated club house, kitchen, covered packing area, classrooms, and well maintained, high quality gear for hire. We operate both a Cessna 182 and a Cessna 206.

Our growing community of fun jumpers includes a broad variety of ages, experience, skill level, and disciplines. We are passionate about growing the sport of skydiving in South Australia and are focused on providing our fun jumpers with opportunities to further develop their skills with the help of skilled coaches and tutors from all disciplines.

Our DZ is located in the beautiful Langhorne Creek Wine Region just southeast of Adelaide. With our close proximity to neighboring wineries and stunning views of the great Murray River, Adelaide Hills, Coorong, Lake Alexandrina and the South Coast, SA Skydiving is an ideal place for sport jumpers to call home.

Check out prices for lift tickets and gear hire below and contact us if you have any further questions!

Jump Tickets

Please note, a Drop Zone Fee of $5 a day applies to all Fun Jumpers or a $10 day/overnight dropzone fee if you're camping.

Option Cost


$500 for a pack of 10





$470 for a pack of 10




Complete Gear Hire

All gear available for hire is the lastest technology from Sunpath's, Javalin Odyssey range. The hire price includes the packing of the parachute by our DZ packer, altimeter, helmets and jumpsuit if required.

We have parchutes ranging from 240 square feet to 209 square feet. All hire gear use Icarus Safire2 main parachutes.

Option Cost

Complete Gear Hire

Price includes rig and packing, altimeter, goggles, helmets and jumpsuit.

$39 Per Jump

Basic Gear Hire

Basic Gear Hire includes altimeter, helmet, goggles and jumpsuit if required.

$15 per day

Accommodation On Site

We have a bunkhouse as well as two basic caravans available.

Accommodation can be booked here.

Option $30 per Night


The bunkhouse is fully heated and air conditioned with double sized bunk beds. Available for private rent or combined bookings.



On the drop zone we offer caravans for rent with double beds available in both.



If you require linens we have sheets, pillow cases, blankets and towls available for hire at a cost of $15. Please let us know when you ring to book in accomodation!



A $10 overnight fee is charged for any accommodation on the dropzone including camping. This covers facilitiy use and property maintenance.

$10 per person per night

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They ALL make you feel so relaxed and go out of their way to make your experience the best it could be, they are so professional, I cannot praise them highly enough.

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