SA Skydivings newest Instructors

SA Skydivings newest Instructors

A big congratulations to Adelaide's newest skydiving instructors, Vinnie "Vin-star" Jarvis, Shaun "Hendo" Henderson and Rhys "Sav-O" Savage, who are now qualified to teach students how to skydive through the AFF course! Skydive Jurien Bay called upon the skills of our Chief Instructor, Greg Smith, to impart his knowledge on the newest up and coming Instructors and Vinnie, Hendo and Rhys joined along with him.

To become an instructor, you need a minimum of 4 hours freefall experience (approximately 400 skydives), a starcrest rating which allows you to jump with up to 10 other skydivers and a Packer B (Check out 'Skydiving Terminology Explained' for more info) before even being allowed to sign up to the course! The course itself is a 9-day, fully intensive, fully immersive experience as the candidates skills are tested to their limits to ensure they can deal with any situation a student may present. The boys passed with flying colours, excelling in all areas and gaining full marks in their practical exams!

Well Done Guys! We are looking forward to the guys applying their skills in skydiving Adelaide!

For an idea of what the guys went through, and the road to becoming an instructor check out this fun edit from an Instructors course run at SA Skydiving in 2012. For more info on learning to skydiving, check out our Learn to Skydive page.

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All the team was superb...!!! Highly recommended for everyone needing a blast of fresh air!

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