SA SKYDIVING UPDATE 170418 - Jump the Pub tonight - New Licences, heaps of AFF, new Jump Club and new midweek special

SA SKYDIVING UPDATE 170418 - Jump the Pub tonight - New Licences, heaps of AFF, new Jump Club and new midweek special

Here's what's up!

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Video of the Week
Skydiving display, Football Park, Adelaide, 1976
Flashback - 1976 drop into Football Park.
New midweek special
Photo of the Week
Teags and XXX flying some canopy formation during an epic sunset.
The Jump Club has some new branding! What do you think? Jump the Pub is a social event we run. It's a great opportunity for our fun jumpers to get together socially, bounce new ideas and go through some of the best footage from the recent months We are extending the invitation to you. We realise it's short notice, it's tonight, however if you're free, come along and have a drink.
Wednesday 19th April Bunka Bar and Grill
12 Pultney St
FB event:


We have had a lot of students join us over the last few months with some amazing success in the skies above Adelaide. Some very large congratulations are in order (in no order)
This is a significant list. Shouts to all our current student, who are absolutely smashing it!
Shouts also to our awesome instructors in helping us all chase clouds and dreams.

Michael Lum - AFF completion
Michael Lum - A licence
Miles High - AFF completion
Miles High - A licence (22 jumps in 17 days)
Tyr Liang - AFF completion
Tyr Liang - A licence
Chris Patterson - AFF completion
Will McDonald - AFF completion
MaxHutchesson - AFF completion
Kurt Farber - AFF completion
Tiarne Easley - AFF comlpetion
Paul Snyders - AFF completion

For anyone thinking of learning to skydive, keep your eyes on your inbox for our upcoming courses and check out our Licence packages below.

New Midweek Special

We have a new 15,000ft midweek special This is a fantastic deal with the highest skydive in Australia at 15,000ft PLUS photos and video included All just $529, available Wednesday and Friday See video and photo below

Special Mention

Dale and Beau are two of our instructors Dale & Laura and Beau & Haley both celebrated their weddings recently. Congratulations and we all wish you a very relaxing and enjoyable honeymoon.

New Student Packages
Michael Lum absolutely made the most of his time with us, completing AFF, his A licence and becoming well and truely part of the SA Skydiving Sky Family
Tyr with his completed A licence
The man. The legend. Miles High
New Midweek Special
Our Jump Club has some new branding!
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