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Video of the Week
Tandem Angle Skydiving - The Superman Skydive
Teags took cousin Toby for an angle with Bryce nailing it and Bria providing extra awesome camera work
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Photo of the Week
Congratulations to Beau who nailed his FIRST Goolwa Beach landing as TI last Saturday.
Weekly Update
Student Weekend

This is an initiative to provide our students with a weekend focussed on providing them support, fun and an environment to progress.
It will take place the first weekend each month.
I'm looking for some assistance in delivering this, if you're keen, please let me know.

SA Skydiving will put on a free BBQ each student weekend
Murray Bridge Demo
Friday 22nd we did a demoin to the Murray Bridge Show. We gave away a tandem in collaboration with 5MU and PowerFM, with Bryce and Tiarne and Miff with Jazz also jumping in on the action.
Teags held down ground crew for a smooth sunset jump. Bryce stood his landing up before JW slid in just a meter or so from the cross. The trueprofressional, however, was the boss himself, planting himself and Jazz smack back in the middle of the cross. Love your work guys.
Nildottie Away Trip
We will be taking the operation to Nildottie,Sunday October 15, hosted at the Pink Shack.
There will be an opportunity for some fun jumpers to come and jump. Express your interest withTeags.
There'll be flowing beers, $10 pizzas from the pizza oven and of course,watersports on the River.
Swoop Pond
The big plans for a new canopy school and swoop pond are coming along FAST.
Check the update video

For the meantime, it's D licence and above or DZSO approval to land in the expert area.
Intermediate area is out of action
Everyone else is to land at the student area.

The new student landing area is also coming and will be located South of the DZ across the runway.
Visual update of the swoop pond
Congratulations to Elle who completed her AFF.

New camp this week, make our new students feel welcome
Congrats Elle! Amazing determination and achievement
Weekly Safety

While the pond is under construction, it is D licence with DZSO approval to land out the front. Please, everyone else, use the student landing area until our new landing areas are complete.
We are looking to hire someone for manifest as we pick up in to summer.
Doesn't have to be a jumper, in some ways, better if they're not.Obviouslyneed to be available weekends. If you know anyone suitable, put them on toTeags.
Mike XXX


Elle - completing AFF
Beau - First Beach Jump
Lochie Lord - 100th!

Special Mentions
Wordo, Hendo, Bryce for coming out to help with the pond construction
JW & Dom for his huge efforts installing new wires and plumbing around thedz - big things coming
Lochie and Zack nailing a Mr bill for Lochie's 100

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