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Video of the Week
SA Skydiving | Adelaide | Video | Zack Rosser jumps from a paraglider in Europe
Zack wins the awesome award for this news update. Jumping from a paraglider and surfing a sun shade on landing. Nice one brother.
Photo of the Week
Congratulations go, this weekend to Greg "Miff" Smith and Pete "Neo" Anderson, who celebrate 40 and 25 years respectively in the sport.
That's 65 years of skydiving experience and knowledge, so listen to their wisdom.

Industry Legends - well done gentlemen.
Weekly Update
Nildottie Away Trip
We will be taking the operation to Nildottie,Sunday October 15, hosted at the Pink Shack.
There will be an opportunity for some fun jumpers to come and jump. Express your interest withTeags.
There'll be flowing beers, $10 pizzas from the pizza oven and of course,watersports on the River.
Due to some people letting down the team with outstanding accounts, there will be no more manifesting without credit on your account.
Most people are alloveritl, so thanks, however please make it part of your routine, when arriving, to check in at manifest and charge your accounts.

Swoop Pond
You may have noticed the big ass piles of dirt in the landing area and an ever growing hole. The new swoop pond is coming and we are going big. Rated for competition, we have big plans for the pond. If you enjoy canopy piloting and wish to be involved in the big plans, please see Miff.

For the meantime, it's D licence and above or DZSO approval to land in the expert area.
Intermediate area is out of action
Everyone else is to land at the student area.

The new student landing area is also coming and will be located South of the DZ across the runway.
The pond is a comin'
Congratulations to Melvin who commenced his AFF theory course last night and watches the sun set this evening with a completed and nailed Stage 4 behind him. Melvin was very well prepared, had done his homework and it showed in how well he took in new information and put it in to practice.
Nice work mate!
Melvin smashing through his AFF
Teags Cutaway
Over the dz last week. Watch and try to establish what caused this. It will be outlined in weekly safety below.
Weekly Safety

Did you figure out what caused the canopy in the video to twist and dive?
  • toggle off (packing error or fire)
  • once under canopy, try pulling one toggle off and see what happens
  • correct with riser input on the same side the toggle is off, or pull the other toggle off to balance
We are looking to hire someone for manifest as we pick up in to summer.
Doesn't have to be a jumper, in some ways, better if they're not. Obviouslyneed to be available weekends. If you know anyone suitable, put them on toTeags.
Tiarne Easley


Teags - first chop
Alex Hanka - First Miffland jumps!

Special Mentions
Teags - now full time making the magic happen

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SA Skydiving provided amazing service, from start to finish. Bryce and the whole team were more than accommodating, and eased my nerves and reassured me the whole time.

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