Women in the Sport at SA Skydiving - Nicki Dowden

Women in the Sport at SA Skydiving - Nicki Dowden

Published: April 18, 2016

As part of our Give It Away In May Campaign we are offering a FREE Theory Course on May 10th for all the women out there who have always wanted to learn to skydive solo. Ladies! This is YOUR chance to enter into a world so many will not dare to go! In the weeks leading up to the event, we are going to introduce you to a few inspirational women who have chosen the journey of skydiving. Read on and meet these skydiving legends!

Meet Nicole Dowden: Mother, professional skydiver, entrepreneur and endless adventurer.

"I want my daughter to always follow her dreams, do what makes her happy, do what she feels makes her a better person. I hope that her seeing me follow my dreams will help her follow hers."

SASD: What was the inspiration for you to become a solo skydiver?

ND: When I was 18 I asked my parents for a Tandem Skydive and that's what I got! After doing my first Tandem Skydive in Adelaide, I knew I wanted to get my solo licence and become a skydiver. I had just finished year 12 and wasn't sure what career I wanted but after that first tandem jump I knew I had found my new career path.

SASD: How long have you been in the sport?

ND: 13 years - 2300 jumps

SASD: What disciplines are your favourite? Why?

ND: Most of my jumps have been 'work' jumps, so filming tandem passengers, instructing AFF (solo skydivers) and around 200 tandem instructor jumps. I enjoy work jumping, this used to be my full time job until four years ago when I fell pregnant with my daughter Marley. I continue to skydive now but choose to do 'fun' jumps (non work jumps) more these days. My favourite discipline in skydiving would have to be Freeflying. Free flying is flying your body in a vertical position as opposed to flat flying (horizontal, belly to earth position). I love free flying because it represents a feeling of freedom to me, it is FAST, and I like going fast!

SASD: What would you say is the greatest challenge of the sport for you personally?

ND: When I take off in the plane and see Marley on the ground waving to me, I feel these deep feelings of guilt. My stomach turns and I feel selfish for skydiving when I have a little one who is 100% reliant on me to exist.

BUT.. skydiving makes me happy and a better person and Marley can see that. Such a funny feeling Mother Guilt, one of the strongest feelings I think a mother can feel is guilt.

I want Marley to always follow her dreams, do what makes her happy, do what she feels makes her a better person. I hope that her seeing me follow my dreams will help her follow hers.

Maybe I'm just making myself feel less guilty but, after my partner Greg Smith took this photo it made me think, 'Marley will look back on these moments when she is an adult and be inspired.'

SASD: What do you do/ what keeps you busy when you aren't skydiving?

ND: I own a business called Land Of Lilly Skin Care, I have a factory in Goolwa SA and produce a natural and organic skincare range. Much like skydiving my business is my passion and I enjoy the challenge and adventure it provides.

You can check out all her amazing products here: www.landoflilly.com.au Land of Lilly is also participating in the Give It Away In May Campaign by offering either an organic fashwash OR handcream as one of three FREE gifts for every tandem booked in during the month of MAY!! Yahoo thanks Nicki!!

(This is Nicki with her very own Land Of Lilly organic face wash in free fall!! How cool!)

SASD: How do you think skydiving has changed you as a person?

ND: Skydiving is not just a sport, it is a family. Skydiving has changed my life on so many levels - the people it has brought into my life, the places around Australia it has taken me and the confidence in myself and my life decisions it has given to me. Skydiving WILL change your life!

SA Skydiving Adelaide, adventures in Langhorne Creek signing off. Stay tuned to hear more from SA Skydiving's female sports skydivers over the next few weeks!

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