So you think you have a fear of heights?

So you think you have a fear of heights?

Published: April 20, 2017

Many people experience a fear of heights. This fear can come in varying severities and be triggered by different situations.

In its extreme form it's known as Acrophobia (from the Greek:, ákron, meaning "peak, summit, edge" and , phóbos, "fear").

Some situations that may make your arm hairs stand on end, or make your stomach dance might include

  • standing on a ladder
  • or a roof
  • taking an elevator with a glass side to the top floor
  • looking over the edge of a tall building

These situations, as do most situations that trigger a reaction in those who suffer from a fear of heights, have one thing in common - they all include a relative environment.

"Yeah, of course" you say...."what the heck is a relative environment?" Allow me to explain.

When you stand on a ladder or a roof and you move, your senses take in all the information of the environment around you and the picture changes. The wall next to you rushes away, or the ground starts to get real big, real quick and you get the immediate sensation of moving in a certain direction. This is often what people fear most.

When we skydive, we go higher than the ladder, higher than the roof, we take it to the sky. At 12,000ft, the World is beautiful. The ground is distant we lose ourselves in sunrays and cloud formations. When we exit the plane, nothing changes. You get that feeling of weightlessness as we accelerate. Then, it feels windy on our faces, arms and legs. But the Earth, the Earth is still beautiful and it doesn't change. Nothing gets bigger, nothing rushes up at us. It's pure freedom.

From our personal experience, most people with a fear of heights, conquer the adventure of skydiving with flying colours. You may face a personal challenge, fear and doubt, as does anyone when we push our comfort zone, however, if you believe you have a fear of heights, I challenge you to ask yourself what you really fear.

If it's the fear of falling off a chair and seeing the ground approach that's holding you back, forget the pretense and...

Join us, conquer your fear, whatever it may be and experience the freedom of our open skies.

Blue skies,

Skydivers of South Australia

Author: Matt Teager

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