SA Skydiving's Jed Smith taking the lead on canopy course instruction!

SA Skydiving's Jed Smith taking the lead on canopy course instruction!

Published: June 23, 2016

SA Skydiving at Langhorne Creek, is South Australia's premier skydiving centre, providing some of the biggest support, from any dropzone in Australia, for sports skydiving. Our sports skydiving community hailing from Adelaide, surrounding regions and from around Australia are pushing hard in all disciplines of sports skydiving.

Ultimately, no matter the discipline, we have to land our parachutes. Knowing how to control the canopy at higher altitudes, on approach and on landing is essential to the safety and the growing confidence of our sports jumpers.

All of our skydiving students are taught a safe, consistent landing pattern as part of our AFF solo skydiving course. Motivated by her desire to progress into the more advanced area of high performance landings in a safe and educated way, long time SA Skydiving sports skydiver Bria Smith, has enrolled the skills and knowledge of Jed Smith, one of our most experienced skydiving instructors, to deliver a canopy course next Wednesday 29th June, 2016.

We called Bria to ask her what she was looking to get out of the coure and what motivated her to organise it.

"I'm looking to learn about high performance landings in a safe and controlled way, from someone I trust, what sort of inputs I should be making and at what height."

The course will be tailored to each of the participants ability level, with a focus on developing canopy control and approach patterns and risk analysis.

The course booked out within hours of publication, offering 12 sports skydivers the opportunity to set personal goals, benefit from personal one on one coaching and briefing and analyse their landings through video debriefs.

To further develop skills, sports jumpers can also take advantage of our canopy coached jumps, offering one-on-one, in-air coaching with a qualified instructor, using two way radios for real time communication and video for debriefing and analysis.

To become part of our sports skydiving community, it all starts with our AFF solo skydiving course.

Enrol now in our July Course. Call 08 82727888 to book.

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All the team was superb...!!! Highly recommended for everyone needing a blast of fresh air!

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