SA Skydiving takes OTR Flag and Supercar Mum's into the Bend

SA Skydiving takes OTR Flag and Supercar Mum's into the Bend

Published: May 11, 2021

Saturday 8th May tossed up some testing conditions from Mother Nature, however an hour before the demo was to take place, she gave us a night little window.

OTR, the naming sponsor for the Supercars race open the race in style with the OTR flag being jumped in under a parachute.

This year we added an extra element, jumping in Mary Randle, mother to V8 Supercar driver Thomas Randle and Jodie Percat, mother of Nick Percat.

The ladies joined the demo team at our Langhorne Creek Dropzone to gear up into harnesses with instructors Jed Smith and Matt Teager.

The OTR flag was rigged up to Bryce Sellick and the 5 took off to circle over the track. Drop approval came through from Race Control and the team took to the skies.

The track is a very impressive site from the skies, with the Supercars all lined up on main straight

The demo team cruised above the track, landing on target, right on time, just before the start of the race.

Sunday saw much nicer conditions, with Bryce once again taking in the OTR flag, this time accompanied by Tiarne Easley on camera.

A big thank you to SA Skydiving ground team Matt Teager, Tiarne Easley, Mitch Stendt, Jordyn Moore, Iris Xue and Matis Calmettes-Syed.


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