SA Skydiving into the Southern Surf Festival, Middleton, April 27, 28, 2019

Published: May 1, 2019

As stall holders bumped in to the Middleton Surf Festival on Saturday morning, the skies were clear and the sun was shining bright.

Amoung local producers, artists and food trucks also stood the SA Skydiving stall where people could try on a skydiving rig, a wingsuit, learn more about skydiving and enter a competition to win a skydive into the festival on the Sunday.

Even Specman, the mascot from festival sponsor, Specsavers got in on the action

The event was bigger and better than last year and we were excited to add demo skydiving to this years line up

The first demo was around 1pm on Saturday with SA Skydiving staff Mikey and Ellen jumping tandem onto the beach as a farewell jump. Since joining the team in September last year, Sunday night saw them fly back to Belgium for their summer season.

They were joined on the jump by Teags, Hendo, Beau and Vinnie.

Sunday saw our competition winner Nick join us for a jump into the festival, jumping with instructor Jed, with Vinnie and Hendo on camera. SA Skydiving Chief Instructor Greg "Miff" Smith also got in on the action jumping in with the SA Skydiving Flag, accompanied by Teags on camera.

This fantastic shot was captured by Kelly Lawson. Thanks for sending it in.

Aerial photo

Competition Winner Nick's video can be seen here

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An amazing experience. Absolutely indescribable. SA Skydiving made the whole experience so much fun. Friendly staff and super professional.

» Justin Ward