SA Skydiving hosts a successful weekend for the South Australian Skydiving State Meet.

Published: August 2, 2016

Greg "Miff" Smith capturing Beau flying camera for 4-way team "Too many people for a 4-way"Photo: Greg Smith - capturing Beau flying camera for 4-way team "Too many people for a 4-way"

We'd like to start by thanking everyone that made this event possible and most importantly to each and every skydiver that participated.

Special mention to the SkydiveOz crew, Pooh for bringing over the sexy Airvan and flying it, Richie for joining the tandem crew for the weekend and schooling the young guns on how to do a Saturday night, Shana for flying camera for multiple teams and Jules for hanging out and being generally awesome.

Friday was a training day and gave jumpers the opportunity to hone their flying skills, polish their formations and to familiarise themselves with the dropzone and the larger aircraft.

The event swung into full action early on Saturday morning with the 2-ways, 4-ways, CReW and sports accuracy competitors taking to the skies.

Saturday night saw the usual skydiver antics and while some nursed sore heads on Sunday morning, most were eager to get back in the sky!

Teams included

4 ways

"Beaner & The 3 Gringos"

Paul Newbery

Yuma Sandoval

Charl Rootman

Skye Kalms

"Too Many people for a 4-way"

Tommaso Dr T Watson

Laura Watson

Nicole Fleet

Pete Anderson

"Relative Disparity"

Sandy Nieuwenhoven

Skye Kalms

Kate Furness

Sascha Menzel


"2 girls, 2 rigs and DZ"

Nicole Dowden

Haley Welch

Zack Rosser

Bec Smith

George Tolley

Pat Norris


"Custard Thrusters"

Tommaso Watson

Marty Letch

Sports/Classic Accuracy

Keith Perrot

Peter Campagna

Jon Norseman

Tommaso Watson

Beau Gora

Rhys Savage

Travis led his Mach5 Wingsuit team as they took to the skies for some practice jumps, as well as delivering some wingsuit coaching to some sports jumpers on Sunday.

We were also joined by many light aircraft from the South Australian Recreational Aviation Group on Saturday.

A few more thank yous

Shana, Beau and Matty Muth for flying camera for the competitive teams, stay tuned for some amazing photos and footage.

Lana & Erika for keeping hungry and thirsty mouths refreshed in the cafe

Julian for packing

Rhys for playing event director

Miff for hosting the event

Jed, Jana & Bryce for putting in the groundwork to get the event planning underway, we hope you're all enjoying your breaks over in the land of dreams.

Keep your eyes open for upcoming events, thanks again, and blue skies,

Teags and the SA Skydiving Team

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