Having Second Thoughts? You're not Alone!

Having Second Thoughts? You're not Alone!

Published: March 17, 2017

Having second thoughts? Need a bit more information? You're not alone! Actually committing to the decision to come skydiving is the hardest part. Knowledge is Power! Power to make decisions you feel comfortable with.

Skydiving is one of the most adventurous things you can do in life. People from all backgrounds are interested in skydiving and come out to take the leap. No matter what your story is, to experience skydiving yields the same end result: no regrets and a memory that lasts forever. For some, it is a huge decision, let's face it - jumping out of a plane is a very unnatural concept. For those who are interested in having this experience but are a still a little undecided, it is important to address the major questions that are slowing you down from picking up that phone and making your skydive happen.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Skydiving is surprisingly not a physically strenuous activity for the tandem passenger as most of the work is done by your instructor and gravity. Please ensure that if you are uncertain about your physical fitness or medical health that you do get a Doctor's Certificate prior to skydiving. This will clear any concerns you may have regarding your ability to come skydiving.
  • You do need to be able to lift your legs at the waist 90 degrees for landings and have minimal flexibility while in the aircraft. If you have previous injuries or medical conditions you feel may prohibit your movement, please contact us and we will make an assessment.
  • Our instructors are professionally certified and have to endure highly regulated training programs before they are rated and endorsed as a professional tandem instructor. Any of our staff at SA SKYDIVING have anywhere between 800 - 8,000 skydives under their belts and have passed highly regulated exams and training put forth by our governing body, The Australian Parachute Federation.
  • There will be paperwork for you to sign before your skydive. This is part of our terms and conditions. All of our staff are highly trained and safety is our number one priority yet even so, skydiving is considered an extreme sport and we do need a signature from the participant, which states they understand there are things that are out of our control when participating in extreme activities and they are willing to take that risk regardless. It is normal protocol and nothing to be scared of.
  • Our staff are some of the most communicative, comforting and professional guys out there. They will do their best to coach you through your skydive from beginning to end, tailoring each jump to your liking as best they can. They will never do more than you ask them to do. If you are worried about not being able to jump once you're up there, you can come down without jumping from the airplane but your credit card will still be charged! There are no refunds or transfers for those who chose not to jump once the airplane takes off. It's better to just jump and trust your tandem masters know what's best and what's safe.
  • We operate at our own private 300 -acre airfield in the heart of Langhorne Creek Wine Region, approximately 50 minutes from Adelaide on the freeway. Our facilities include basketball ring, amazing children's playground, picnic tables, fully operational cafĂ© on the weekends and complimentary BBQ for your use, so don't feel as though you've got to come on your own! We encourage you to bring all your friends and family for an awesome day out, even if they are not jumping with you. We pride our airfield and dropzone as being an escape from the city, a place to spend time with friends and family and the ultimate oasis for adventure. The more the merrier, we say!
  • Don't be shy! If you have any concerns, questions or considerations we are more than happy to answer and assist you through your decision to come skydiving. We get hundreds of phone calls every month with enquires from people needing a bit more information and confirmation. Simply call us on 0412 114 475 or 08 8272 7888.
  • Once you are out of the plane, the world is yours to enjoy. You will see the expansive waters of Lake Alexandrina, the Murray River spilling out into the ocean, colourful salt lakes, miles and miles of vineyards, distant views of Goolwa, the Coorong and back of the Adelaide Hills; its absolutely stunning! Soak in the views from thousands of feet above the earth, do 360's with your tandem master, give your cameraman a high five and love every second of feeling the most free you've ever felt, ever! It's simply amazing and there are no words for it. Ready to pick up that phone? We'll be there with you every step of the way, from booking to landing.

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