Fly Girl Profile - Leah Skuse

Fly Girl Profile - Leah Skuse

Published: May 24, 2018

Q. Do you remember your first jump? What do you remember?

I don't really remember much of it, i was overwhelmed to be honest! my first two jumps were tandems, and i finally went solo on my third jump. i remember feeling so nervous and it took a few more jumps before i became comfortable and was able to relax and have fun.

Q. Why did you decide to try skydiving?

It always looked like such an amazing thing to do, and everyone that had done it before really loved it. my friend and I decided to do it when we found a deal online. After that, i got another voucher for my 21st birthday, and after that, i just wanted to keep jumping!

Q. How long have you been jumping?

I've been jumping solo for about 2 years now.

Q. What is an important lesson that you have learned through skydiving which applies to your life in the greater scheme?

Just breathe; the fun begins when you let go!

Q. Name one challenge you have overcome in the face of adversity through skydiving.

Basically, any challenge that I've come across in everyday life can be overcome by just remembering that i've jumped out of a plane... if I can do that, I can do anything!

Q. What advice do you have for anyone out there wondering if they should try jumping out of a plane or not?

Just do it! You will absolutely not regret it. Don't worry about being too scared, once you jump out that door you'll be so full of adrenaline that nothing else matters. You'll literally be on top of the world and nothing beats that feeling.

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