Fly Girl Profile - Chloe Elkins

Fly Girl Profile - Chloe Elkins

Published: May 22, 2018

Q. Do you remember your first jump? What do you remember?

My first two jumps were tandems; after the second one I decided I'd give the solo course a go, as I got completely hooked on the buzz the jumps gave me. I don't remember much of my first solo jump though, it was a sunset jump but I couldn't even take in the views because I was so nervous!

Q. Why did you decided to try skydiving?

After the second jump I thought why not? The idea of getting a licence to skydive seemed pretty cool and was something completely different to anything I've done before. After a few solo jumps my mind was pretty set that I wanted to keep doing it and learning more about the sport

Q. How long have you been jumping?

I started almost two years ago when they ran the ladies weekend in 2016!

Q. What is an important lesson that you have learned through skydiving which applies to your life in the greater scheme?

Slow is fast. Relax, breathe, smile, don't rush.

Q. Name one challenge you have overcome in the face of adversity through skydiving.

Not everyone can appreciate why you choose to do the things you do and what you spend your time doing. The ones that respect it are the keepers.

Q. What advice do you have for anyone out there wondering if they should try jumping out of a plane or not?

You won't know unless you try it. It gives you a completely different perspective in life of what you are capable of achieving.

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