Canopy Course with Mossy

Published: November 4, 2019

The event ran across the 3 days with challenging conditions on the Saturday and Sunday. We managed to get a few jumps in the morning before the wind kicked in but then was limited to staying on the ground. This opened up chances for open discussions on all aspects of canopy flight. Mossy ran numerous seminar/workshops that catered to the participants on the day. A few of these were accuracy tricks, high performance landing introductions, competition mindsets and breakdown of different competitions.

Sunday gave us really good weather which allowed us to get 5 jumps each which were briefed and debriefed thoroughly every load. Each jump was catered to the participants skill level by giving them different in flight exercises to under take. The progression across the board was evidently noticeable and many participants were beyond satisfied with what they got from the event.

Many thanks to SA Skydiving for hosting the event and to the SAPC, SASPC and APF Fi Fund for their continued support in sport development.

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