5 Questions you should ask before making a Tandem Skydive

5 Questions you should ask before making a Tandem Skydive

Published: April 7, 2017

SA Skydiving has been proudly operating Tandem skydiving in Adelaide for over 30 years. We are the most experienced, longest running and premier skydiving organisation in Adelaide. We consider ourselves the best in the business and pride ourselves on delivering our customers the best possible experience both in the sky and on the ground. We understand that deciding to take the plunge and jump out of a plane is a BIG deal. Your first Tandem Skydiving experience could quite potentially be the BEST thing you've ever done so our staff go above and beyond to ensure you have the absolute time of your life! Your experience is just as important to us, as it is to you. If you don't believe us, sheck out others' experiences on Trip Advisor, Facebook or come to the drop zone and ask them in person!

We have found over the years that our guests are not always sure how best to evaluate the services offered by the different skydiving organisations around Adelaide. Here are a few important questions you should ask before deciding where to make your tandem skydive in Adelaide.

1. What types of Video Packages are offered?

Pretty much every skydiving drop zone offers video services for your skydive, but be aware that there is a significant difference between Handcam video and Outside Video/Stills. Most skydive organisations are only able to offer the Handcam video which is essentially a Go Pro strapped to the Tandem Masters wrist. Whilst great for capturing the experience, some find that because of the close frame of the shot it does not capture the picture they are looking for, especially when compared to the "Outside Perspective" offered by the Outside Video and Stills package. In the Outside Video and Stills Package, your personal in-freefall photographer jumps out of the plane at the same time as yourself, and is able to capture the thrilling exit in full frame and whiz around you in freefall to provide the ultimate perspective. Additionally your personal photographer is taking high quality SLR still photos, which you will find are of far superior quality to the photos taken from the smaller lens of the Go Pro. However the major benefit of the Handcam Video over the outside Video Stills photography package is that it is able to capture your experience flying underneath the canopy, where as the outside photographer must freefall away and deploy his own parachute separately for safety reasons. To see the differences between all the packages, check out our video.

SA Skydiving is the only Adelaide skydiving organisation to offer the Mega-Deluxe package, which includes both the HandCam video and the Outside Video Photographer. This unmatched media package ensures you capture every moment of your once in a lifetime adventure, and provides the most superior photos and ultimate angles! Other operations will claim that the Handcam video is better, but we find that the majority of first-time jumpers prefer the multiple perspectives of the mega-deluxe package when directly compared to the HandCam video nearly every time.

2. Is this an ACTUAL Skydiving Centre?

Beware! There are many wholesalers out there that on sell Tandem Skydives when they do not actually do Tandem Skydives in Adelaide themselves! Often due to their heavy investment in online marketing they are the only skydiving option that some customers see.. You may call ready to book a tandem skydive in Adelaide, only to be routed to a call centre where they will take a percentage commission of your money, to then only further redirect you to an actual Adelaide skydiving centre to receive your voucher.

Be aware that if anything goes wrong with your booking you will need to deal directly with these third party providers, as the booking was not made directly through the skydive centre. These third party providers often have more stringent terms and conditions and they are not nearly as flexible. Check the physical address of the provider, or see what else they are selling. If they provide many other products, or if their address is not located at an actual airfield then is likely they are a third party provider. Try calling them before booking! If they seem disinterested or just plain rude you probably don't want to skydive with them anyway!!

3. What is the Best Time of Day to Skydive in Adelaide?

We get asked this question a lot! Generally as a rule of thumb the earlier the better. In the morning there is less chance of winds, less air traffic holds, epic morning sun for killer photography plus you have the whole rest of the day to explore the Langhorne Creek Wine Region after your skydive! Drink some incredible wines in Langhorne Creek, cruise back through the beautiful Adelaide Hills, go for a riverboat cruise along the Murray River, hike around the Coorong National Park, watch the Kite Boarders surf the waves of Lake Alexandrina, visit the Monarto Zoo - all within 35 minutes of our drop zone!

4. What are your facilities at the airfield like?

If you experience poor weather or air traffic holds, skydiving can turn into a daylong event. You want to know where you may be spending your time. Not only that, if you bring your friends and family out what will they be doing for the next 1-2 hours whilst you gear up and ascend to height. Is there somewhere to hang out? Is there something for the kids to do? Is there somewhere nice to eat/cooking facilities for my group? These are all questions you should ask of the skydiving facility you will be jumping at.

5. Do I land where I take off (where my friends and family are!)?

Will your friends and family be able to watch and be a part of your gear up, walking out to the plane and then be able to watch you land (Its not just about the skydive!)? If the answer is no, then you will be landing somewhere different from where you took off, preventing onlookers from watching and taking part in the full event. It also means you will likely be spending excessive time travelling in a shuttle bus for over 30-40 minutes to get to and from the airport. It means your family and friends may also miss the landing if they are not paying attention. Skydiving was never meant to be a solo experience, but rather an experience that can be joined in by the whole family. We quite often have groups of 15+ coming out to our purpose built airfield (often just for one jumper!) and sharing in on the experience, again it is not just about skydive but rather the whole experience!

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