Upcoming SA Skydiving Events

There's a lot happening at the Dropzone week to week. Check out the list below or the events in more detail below that. Use the filters on the right hand side to see events for the whole year or a specific month.

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  • Jan Mon 8th 12th 2018----------------------Swoop Jam
  • Feb Thurs 1st 2018--------------------------AFF Course
  • Feb Tues 6th 2018---------------------------Learn to skydive free info session , Havelock Hotel
  • March Sat 3rd/4th, 2018--------------------Student Weekend
  • March Tues 6th - 11th, 2018----------------AFF camp
  • March Sat 24th 2018------------------------Julies Tandem Master Workshop Seminar
  • March Wed 21st -25th 2018 RNCS & ACS-Chix Canopy Course with Ronnie Perry
  • April, Thur 5th, 2018 ------------------------AFF weekend course
  • April Sat 7th/8th, 2018----------------------Student Weekend
  • May, Thurs 3rd, 2018 -----------------------AFF weekend course
  • May Sat 5th/6th, 2018 ----------------------Student Weekend
  • May Sat & Sun 19th 20th 2018------------- Mount Gambier Tandem Skydiving Book & Go
  • May Thurs 24th - 27th, 2018---------------- Fly Girls for All Levels Ladies Learn to Fly Solo Course
  • June Sat 2nds/3rd, 2018---------------------Student Weekend
  • June, Tues 5th 10th, 2018 -------------------AFF camp
  • July, Thurs 5th, 2018 - -----------------------AFF weekend course
  • July Sat 7th/8th, 2018 -----------------------Student Weekend
  • August, Thurs 2nd 2018---------------------AFF weekend course
  • August Sat 4th/5th, 2018 -------------------- Student Weekend
  • Sept 1st/2nd, 2018 -------------------- SA State Skydiving Championships
  • Sept Sat 1st/2nd, 2018 ----------------------Student Weekend
  • Sept Tues 4th 9th, 2018 ---------------------AFF camp
  • Oct Sat 6th/7th, 2018 ------------------------Student Weekend
  • Oct Thurs 4th 2018 --------------------------AFF weekend course
  • Nov Thurs 1st 2018-------------------------- AFF weekend course
  • Nov Sat 3rd/4th, 2018------------------------ Student Weekend
  • Dec Sat 1st/2nd, 2018 ------------------------Student Weekend
  • Dec Tues 4th - 9th, 2018---------------------- AFF camp
  • 2017
  • Feb Sat 15th 2017 Coast 2 Coast C2C
  • March Thurs 2nd- 3rd 2017 Train the Trainer Julies Mc
  • March Sat 4th - 5th 2017 Novic Sat and Expert Sun Canopy course Julies Mc
  • April Sat 29th- 30th 2017 Angles Weekend Rhys
  • May Fri 5th 2017 Hop & Pop Day
  • May Sat 6th 2017 Formation loads all day
  • May Sat 27th 28th 2017 Angles Weekend
  • June Sat 24th 25th 2017 Head up weekend
  • July Sat 1st -2nd 2017 B/Rel Accuracy & Hip Pop Battle #2
  • July Fri 21st 2017 Hop and pop Day
  • July Sat 28th 29th 2017 Fly Girls weekend all Levels
  • Aug Thurs 24th 2017 Started Earthworks on T Shaped Swoop Pond
  • Nov Thurs 2nd 2017 Open Valve Commenced filling the SWOOP POND
  • Nov Wed 22nd 26th 2017 Robbie Mc Millian Canopy piloting week
  • Dec Sat 2nd -3rd 2017 Sky and Canopy Awareness Camp Danny Helmy
  • Dec 17th Sun 2017 SA Skydiving Christmas Party

Next 30 Days | AFF Camp

SA Skydiving is Adelaide's premier skydiving centre. Our purpose built airfield is designed specific for everything skydiving. Located just under an hour South-East of the Adelaide, we have epic views looking out over Lake Alexandrina, the South-East Coast, Coorong and back of the Adelaide Hills, especially at sunset, making for killer visuals as you descend to earth at 220 km/h.

If you are looking to become a solo skydiver, instructor, fly a jump plane or just want to learn how to pack, you have come to the right place. With dedicated facilities, including classrooms, bunkhouse accomodation, designated student landing areas, training and packing areas, complete shower/toilet facilities, camping area, BBQ facilities, campfires, and much much more - you will have everything you need to get the most out of your training and have an awesome time doing it.

For students wishing to stay onsite during their training, we offer bunk house accommodation at the dropzone, included in the cost of the AFF Camp. All jumps are videoed for trainging and de-briefing purposes by your instructors but if you would like professional video and photography packages, these can be booked for any of your AFF stages. Please see our Video Services page for more details.

All AFF course bookings require a deposit of $495 per person paid at the time of booking, this secures your spot on the camp and grants you access to the SA Skydiving 'Online Learning Course'. To ensure optimal learning, spots on each course are limited and a deposit is the only way to secure your slot.

Thanks for your interest in SA Skydiving's Accelerated Free Fall Course. We are South Australia's longest running drop zone with over 30 years experience. Here is a bit more info to get you excited. Know already that you want to start? Fill in this questionnaire to take the first step in becoming a solo skydiver!

The AFF camp consists of 9 stages completed over the course of 5 days, designed to help you achieve the knowledge and various skills required to make a solo skydive unassisted. An essential part of becoming a qualified skydiver, the AFF course is incorporated into all of our learning packages.

  • Stage 1 to Stage 3 you will have two jump masters that assist you from gearing up to landing, ensuring you are stable in freefall and deploy your own parachute.
  • Stage 4 to Stage 8, depending on skill level and approval of your instructor, will require only one jump master, teaching you skills such as turns, barrell rolls and tracking.
  • By Stage 9 you will be exiting and landing your canopy unassisted!

SA Skydiving runs the most advanced AFF course in the state, utilising an entire fleet of the most up to date equipment, instructional techniques, dedicated instructors and online courses to ensure you progress through the course in the fastest possible time. Our fun and highly experienced instructors will guide you through the entire course, providing one on one tuition and guidance in everything skydiving. Offering the only week long skydiving course in Adelaide as well as dedicated training facilities, SA Skydiving will get you to solo skydiving status in a fun and professional environment. Students are additionally guided through their canopy flight by instructors using modern ground to air radio communication. Please fill in the questionairre and our crew will be in touch ASAP to get you sorted and in the sky! You won't regret it.

No events were found for AFF Camp in 2019.

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