Coached Hop n Pop Canopy Day with Beau Gora

Date Details: Feb 15th — 7:00 am - 8:00 pm

Registration: Required

Coached Hop n Pop day with filmed landings and debriefs. Come and get your canopy fix, try some things in a controlled environment and get some guidance on anything canopy related. Id like to try and build up to do some group flocks for similar wing loadings at the end of the day too (providing each group has an experienced pilot).
7:30am Meet and greet - goals for the day/ canopy drills and skills
Jump - debrief - more skillzzz
sunset flock
Beers - laughter - potentially group cook up

If you are someone who uses a canopy in skydiving this day is for you.
If you hate no wind landings or high wind landings it is especially for you (just completed AFF great, A licence to F licence get on board)

Rego $25 can be paid to my account

Account name: Beau Gora
BSB: 015 010
Account number: 283661369

(stay tuned for SASPC funding for jump ticket prices)

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