Take your skydive to the next level!

Take your skydive to the next level!

Add one or more of these Extras to take your skydive experience to the next level!

Add to your skydive by contacting the office on 0412114475

Wood Fire Pizza Oven


We will provide the wood and all the tools you'll need to make your own delicious wood fire pizzas. All you have to do is bring the ingredients!

Skydive Pro


This is the perfect step between tandem and solo. Learn more about what makes a professional skydiver and take control of your freefall.

  • More advanced training given
  • Wear an altimeter to track your height
  • Deploy your own parachute (your instructor maintains full control too)
  • Fly your own parachute
  • Perfect stepping stone towards solo skydiving

The Link Up


Feel what it's like to be a professional skydiver, freefalling with a professional. One of our experienced jumpers will come and join you in freefall and create a formation in the sky! Watch them disappear once your parachute opens and meet them on them on the ground.

The SA Skydiving Bus


Available for transporting up to 9 people, our bus can pick you up, bring you skydiving, and drop you back, pit-stopping via a winery or brewery on the way. Price negotiable based on group size. Contact the office on 0412114475

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