Learn to Solo Skydive

Learn to Solo Skydive

After completing your AFF solo skydiving course, you will start to work towards attaining different licences.

This package is designed to put you on a path to your first solo skydiving licence, your A licence. The package includes the AFF course.

To attain your A licence you must

- complete the AFF course

- land 10 unassisted landings within 30 meters of a target

- pass an A licence exam

- have the approval and signature of the Chief Instructor

Your A licence allows you to:

- exit the plane without the immediate supervision of an instructor

- jump in up to 20 knots of wind (under DZSO approval)

- skydive around the world, as this licence is internationally recognised

For more information or to purchase the A licence package, contact our office on 08 8272 7888 or 0412114475 or email admin@saskydiving.com.au

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