• Go Tandem Skydiving

    Go Tandem Skydiving

    Ready for some adrenaline?

    Check out our amazing range of skydives, videos and bundles available at two stunning skydiving locations at Langhorne Creek and Basham Beach (Goolwa)

    For amazing group discounts contact the office on 0412114475

    Adelaide's best reviewed skydive

  • Learn to Skydive

    Learn to Skydive

    There's no better place to learn to skydive than SA Skydiving! Our team includes some of Australia's most experienced and skilled skydiving instructors. Learn to skydive solo in our Accelerated Free Fall course or refine your flying skills in our B-Rel Program.

  • Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose Us?

    So you're thinking about jumping out of a plane.... you might have questions.

    Here are just a few reasons why SA Skydiving is your best choice to help you experience the rush of a lifetime.

Welcome to SA Skydiving!

SA Skydiving is a family business who pioneered skydiving in Adelaide in the late 80s.

We are now South Australia's longest running and best-rated skydiving operation. We offer Tandem Skydiving at two fantastic locations. Experience freefall over our Langhorne Creek dropzone with stunning views of Lake Alexandrina and the Coorong or skydive onto the soft sands of Basham Beach, Goolwa.

We teach Solo Skydiving with our advanced AFF Solo Skydiving Course, run every month throughout the year. We also have a very active Sports Skydiving scene with all visiting jumpers welcome. We also have a swoop pond.

Whether you are a first time skydiver or an experienced sport jumper, the highly experienced, friendly team at SA Skydiving is dedicated to providing you with the best skydiving experience possible!

South Australia's #1 choice for skydiving Adelaide

The views were unforgettable and our instructors Johnny and Bryce were absolutely fantastic and really made the whole experience. Can't wait to do it again!

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Recent Skydiving Articles

  • All Levels Canopy Course with Jules McConnel 190223

    All Levels Canopy Course with Jules McConnel 190223

    Over the weekend of 23/24 March SA Skydiving played host to the magic that is a Jules McConnel canopy course. Jules needs no introduction, trusted by the APF as one of Australia's best, delivering canopy courses and the Train the Trainer program all around the country.

    March 5, 2019
  • SA Skydiving 2019 Foosball World Cup & Swoop n Chug

    SA Skydiving 2019 Foosball World Cup & Swoop n Chug

    1 Dropzone. 4 Foosball Tables. 24 competitors. 12 teams. 12 swoopers. 2 Victors. 1 trophy.

    Welcome to the 2019 Foosball World Cup

    March 5, 2019
  • Irene O'Shea completes World Record Skydive

    Irene O'Shea completes World Record Skydive

    Irene O'Shea jumped for the third time with the team at SA Skydiving, at the wise old age of 102 years and 194 days.

    She now holds the World Record as the oldest skydiver in the World, all in the name of raising awareness and funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia.

    December 10, 2018
  • Introducing the AAD; Automatic Activation Device

    Introducing the AAD; Automatic Activation Device

    Skydiving, the concept of jumping out of a plane and hurtling towards the ground at over 220kph, the ultimate rush, the ultimate freedom. When people find out I'm a skydiver, they often ask "don't you get scared? Aren't you worried about going "splat?"". My truthful answer; "no". The reason I have such piece of mind is the incredible range of safety technology included in every skydiving rig.

    September 14, 2018

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